30 January 2009

Office Christmas Party Part 2

Office Christmas Party Part 1

On Christmas Eve, everyone was gathered in my room for a mini Christmas celebration, prior to the company level gift exchange and party.

Everyone had lot of fun with the games!

There is a child in all of us!

Let me give you a kiss.... Awwww.... so sweet

After our department mini celebration, we took a 30 mins break before we proceed to the celebration venue booked by the company, so we decided to cam whore.

Is that Mary?

Ruba, the host of the party, in her perfectly accented English, I love the way she speaks.

As you can see, we have over 100 employees, thus there was no space we could hold our party. The HR rented an abandoned office space in the building just for this party.

No one was listening to Ruba as everyone was distracted with everyone's presence. Here comes Eddie, the training manager. He had to "do his thing", and everyone quietened down. LOL. Effective!

Everyone solemnly paying attention to the hosts

This is Eric, we nominated him to participate in the Eating Competition on our team's behalf.

3 donuts and some biscuits look easy, but trust me, all 6 of the participants were struggling as apparently the donuts were very dry. Of course they didn't buy the donuts from The Donut Factory or J CO....

This was the last game before the afternoon ended. I decided to skip the photos of the entire centre portion (which was the highlight) because I do not think it is appropriate for my blog readers. Haha....

Anyway this game is call Shaving Santa. The guy holds a balloon full of shaving cream, and the girl has to shave off the cream using just the shaver.

Preya struggling.

1 hour later....
(No la, just kidding)

The whole celebration ended with lots of fun and laughter, everyone knowing each other better, Edison Alysson crowned Miss eF****n, all employees getting their presents exchanged and of course Eric swearing not to touch donuts at least for 2 months.

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