05 June 2008

10 Ways to know if your BF (Best Friend / Boy Friend) is GAY!

(Original content from Marc, pls do not copy)

Suspect your best / boy friend is gay? Well, if your friend possesses 80% of the points mentioned below, likely he is tilted towards the other side.

1. He strongly believes that platonic friendship between girls and guys exist.

2. He loves to shop, especially in high end fashion boutiques.

3. He is comfortable even though he is in the lingerie department with a gal friend.

4. He does not believe in marriage.

5. He looks into the mirror or reflection whenever there is an opportunity to check himself out.

6. He gets emotional watching soapy dramas or sentimental movies.

7. He hates soccer!

8. He does not talk about girls, and when a group of guys start discussing girls, he gets bored and turns away.

9. He watches Manhunt and other male beauty pageants without leaving his seat throughout the entire show.

10. He rolls his eyes when he is unhappy or sarcastic.

Sounds familiar? Hmm . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Hmm.. then again, he could be just metrosexual?

So if girls love soccer, watches America's Next Top Model is lesbian? ._.

Marc said...

anonymous, i said if your BF possesses 80% if u realise?

Serene said...

Haha quite true...

pikey said...

Hmmmm.... dont stereotype like this la.... i mean having those qualities are not necessary gay (except for 3 points) ... my opinions coming from the queer group :p

Point 1: this one do exist... maybe he has different way of thinking...

Point 2: it's called the metrosexual guy, not gay

Point 3: there's nothing to afraid of lingerie, shows open mind attitude

Point 4: If you read TheStar a few weeks back, there are guys who not want to marry.

Point 5: that's what we call loving our ownself. Part of metrosexual as well.

Point 6: Doesnt mean guys cannot cry. Havent you heard of the term SNAG? Sensitive New Age Guy.

Point 7: How about love badminton and hate soccer?

Point 8: This one... erm... suspicious, hahaha

Point 9: This one is more suspicious!! Hahaha

Point 10: And I agree on this one... it's called the sissy-gay behaviour. :p

Bernard said...

True on the soccer part.. haha

“达人” said...

Hey not true lah
I dun like soccer,dun watch manhunt
not emotional on soapy drama
but look into mirror often...does that mean i am a gay?

Marc said...

Apparently some readers do not read my post carefully. Its when the guy possesses 80% of the traits. I did not say just based on 1 point, he is gay. Read carefully leh....

Marc said...
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acura said...

A few of my friends absolutely hate soccer. I should be more careful around them from now on hehe

rumi said...


NOT my boyfriend xxD

Su said...

Think you may miss out on other more obvious traits XD Some of them are for metro and some guys are just more sensitive i guess.

Some like football, think about it, more than 20 over guys running around pushing and shoving each other for a ball. Its all legal physical contact , if you know what i mean ^^

ClareTeo said...

oh my god, now i'm worried my best guy friend could be gay!;/

Simon Seow said...

Well, is this gay enough?

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

my bf hit20% oni. thank god LOL

Marc said...

Even if your best friend is gay, you should just accept him, but if our boyfriend is gay, then I feel sorry for you. Keke.

Slow, lucky you! Haha

Takashi said...

i wonder why straight people always have negative thoughts about gays!

Come on, how are we different?

I'll give my opinions from a "true" gay p.o.v.

1. Yes, very true. Guys and girls can share platonic friendships. But only open minded girls. Narrow minded ones will think the guys are trying to get too comfortable! Come on la.. we gays have no feel touching girls!

2. Yes. No doubts about it. Fri and Sat are favourite days as Sundays are usually spent sleep-in from late Sat nites.

3. Yes, and comfortable enough to touch the lingerie and help the girl friend to the changing room. I helped my girl friend to shop for bra and corset and dress for her wedding.

4. Err.. I believe in marriage only as way to legalise of you having sex.

5. Yes. Works even on reflective spoons, pots and pans.. shop windows, basically just to check if the hair is all right or any new pimple or has it become too oily and stuffs.

6. Yes, they are beautiful.

7. YES. FREAKING HATE SOCCER. Why cant just give them each a ball instead of 22 grown up men chasing after one ball up and down the field. But watching the players is another thing altogether. Not the game.

8. YES. Its a turn off topic. Another turn off topic is soccer.

9. Hmm.. Manhunt.. Mr Universe.. Mr Singapore.. Mr Bodybuilder.. just about any male beauty pageants and also male fashion shows, especially underwear fashion shows and launches. If its there, we'll be there.

10. More likely the more sisterly ones. Not all yea.

ANd I also want to add one more point: We watch wat we put into our mouth.. FOOD. We watch our food as much as we take care of our appearance, look, body. We strive hard to look good, smell good, and taste good .. hahahahaha :)

I am gay, I am not shy to say that, and "uygBe who you are and say wat you feel bcoz those who mind don't matter and thoe who matter don't mind :)"

Marc said...

Takashi, those are not negative thoughts. Its just a point of view. Anyway, thanks for your own take on this topic!

Big Boys Oven said...

What so bad about being GAY?

Marc said...

big boys oven, there is nothing wrong with being gay, its just a post for entertainment.

continue being gay, if you are, as long as you love yourself, it doesn't matter you are straight or gay.

Just don't be bisexual, because I think being bisexual means you are greedy, you want the best of both worlds!