30 March 2008

"Are You Addicted To Gossip?" Test

Marc is a Little Addicted to Gossip

In your view, most gossip is pretty harmless.

And it's a pretty fun way to pass the time!

You're willing to pass on some juicy details...

As long as you're not impacting anyone's personal life too deeply.

29 March 2008

JB Outing (Part 1) - Clubbing at Cabana

Hi everyone who has been waiting for the photos, sorry for the delay, been away on a retreat, so here it is, what you have been waiting for, the pics to our JB trip. BUT, I have only uploaded the ones we took at night at Cabana first since these are the most exciting ones.


Pauline and Tan

Outside the area where the most happening
clubs in JB are

This is a Night Club located in the same area

Group Picture

Group Pic outside Fun Zon

In Cabana Club. My camera is too good thus the place look
so brightly lit, actually it was really dark

The disco balls

Now you see the difference. WITH Flash:


WITH Flash


The disco balls reflected beautiful green and red lights
all over.

BBQ Chicken Wings


Ash cum bones tray

Best of friends?

We drank 4 freaking barrels of beer and 1 bottle of Bacardi
in total. We were such BIG spenders apprarently, that the
moment we entered, we were given the sofa seats which were
"reserved" prior to our arrival.

The menu. Ths drinks are considered quite
expensive considering its JB.

Popular guy

Yoyo trying to get fresh!

Silly girl who was drunk just made herself comfortable on
one of the sofas we were at.

Jethro with some girl

See that Indian guy posing with them? Its funny because
he just included himself into the picture without anyone asking

Ronald flirting, as usual
In my eyes, two words for you Jethro: VERY GROSS

Getting lovey dovey just before they parted

Thats Cabana
Outside Cabana.
Next day, we made our ways to Red Box at Pelangi Plaza to sing out hearts out. It just just Pauline, Ronald, Ernest, Tan and myself. Tan fell ill that day, probably due to alcohol poisoning as he vomitted more than 20 times? He slept throughout the entire KTV session.
That is him lying there

Thw whole JB trip was a good one except for the dinner part which wasn't up to my expectations at all. I have been to JB so many many times, and that dinner was the worst one of all. I expected to see more variety and better taste la. Anyway it's over, and I am looking forward to another round of Cabana.
Pauline and Ernest, hear that???