27 February 2008


I just DO NOT understand why some people CANNOT do work within their job scope! If you are a cleaner, you clean. If you are an admin, you do admin work. If you are a trainer, you train. If you are the boss, then you boss.

SOME people just like to do work thats out of their scope, and make everyone around them mad. I mean, if you are damm good, and you have earned respect in your area of work, then maybe you can be an EXTRA, but if you cannot even do YOUR job well, and CANNOT perform in your area of work, I suggest you just stick to your JD, Job Description!!!

AND, stop acting like you are the overall in charge!

I have said my piece.

Disclaimer: This isn't about anyone, I made it up. REALLY!

22 February 2008

Edison Chen leaves Showbiz

Edison has announced yesterday over a press conference in HK that he is leaving the entertainment industry for an indefinite time. This is really sad cuz obviously he is the victim as well in this sex scandal saga.

I feel he should not bother what the netizens say cuz the leak of the photos was unintentional and the only blame should be on the inethical bastards that uploaded the pictures and videos of him in uncompromsing acts onto the internet.

I applaude Edison for his courage to face over 300 reporters in the press conference to apologize for his mis-behaviour. He apologized not only to the public, but also to the family and friends of the female victims involved.

When I watched Edison giving his speech yesterday on Channelnewsasia, I was depressed. How can HK let such a talented chap leave the industry?

Rumours are that he has been advised to pack his bags and head to somewhere with the big H. HOLLYWOOD. Well, since he has had cameo roles in Grundge 2 and the upcoming Batman movie, I am sure he has a certain foothole in Hollywood already.

I wish Edison all the best and I hope he will not do his social or community work too long, but get back on his feet to act and sing again, as I am sure the naysayers are just the minority.

17 February 2008

Steven Lim (OMG!)

I am really disgusted with Steven Lim (Xiaxue's greatest enemy).

Before I started watching his videos, my impression of him was that he is a really very courageous person as he always grabs any opportunity to seek attention. He never fails to think he is handsome, as he claims to be "The World's Most Handsome Guy". But all these are still tolerable, as he is just trying to make a name for himself.

There is perfectly nothing wrong to be thick skinned, but he has gone beyond what words could describe. Auditioning for Singapore Idol with his super mini and tight yellow swimming trunks was bad enough, but I know its his way to become famous. Well, he did.

Now people recognises him on the streets, not for the right reasons though, but at least it has earned him some popularity over the years with his crazy entics.

Plucking eyebrows for $10 (Last I heard of, not sure if he has increased his price due to inflation) outside CK Tangs is crazy. Singing songs in his awful voice, recording them and uploading them on Youtube is crazier!

Recently I have been following up on his personal website (Click), and I found some extremely horrendous videos which he has recorded after the saga of Edison and HK actresses. These are his personal views of the incident and I know it was out of good intention that he recorded the video, I guess his idol was Edison Chen, but I would say his video was a great turn-off.

Ever since his post, my impression of him has gone from bad to worst. WHY? Watch these 2 videos and you will know why!!! (His first Edison video has got over 1million views already and 6 honors in YouTube, OMG)

Another most recent one:

I seriously think there is something wrong with this person (up there). His behaviour has gone beyond what normal people could tolerate. Youtube should ban him from posting anymore videos as he already has over 50 videos, enough to traumatise anyone for 2 freaking months (if you watch 1 video per day, that is)!
Someone pls save Steven Lim!

16 February 2008

CNY Eve Pictures

Finally I have time to upload the pictures. These were pictures taken on CNY eve.

That day we had to work half day. While the other teams were doing sales, I got my team to do spring cleaning as I know sales won't be fantastic that day. After spring cleaning, we proceeded to the conference room as Paul and I organized a BINGO game for all the agents. We gave out cash ranging from $2 to $50, hampers, off days, etc.

This is our BINGO machine


One of the grand prizes of this BINGO game, a hamper

Paul giving a brief on the game

Everyone is attentive while we call out the numbers

This is my tracking sheet to prevent cheating

And the two hamper winners both belong to my team. So lucky! After about one hour of number calling, the BINGO finally ended with a quarter of the participants feeling happy as they got their ang pows and their off days. It was 12 and we let the agents off for the day.

Me and my agents decided to hang out a bit, so they brought me to Lucky Plaza to eat authentic Filipino food. I thought why not since they always compromise and eat Chinese food with me. Haha.

This is the restaurant, simply named Asian Restaurant

The interior. Very simply layout, I feel like I am in Philippines itself.

Ordered famous Filipino beer. St Miguel.

The not-so-nice soup which we argued whether it was lamb or beef as it tasted like both. The waiter confirmed its beef.

Ronald playing PSP before the food arrived.


This vegetables is really delicious. When it first arrived, I thought it would be bland and tasteless, but I was totally wrong, its full of flavour. I think its even better than some Chinese "Chap Chye"

Ths next dish is this. Roasted Pork fried in their special sauce. DELICIOUS!!! I was praising this dish throughout the entire meal!

This is roasted pork again. Apparently Pinoys like to eat pork a lot.

This is hotdog popiah. Salty, just right for my taste. Better than vegetables popiah which is so common outside.

Fried Beef

This chicken was a flop. Totally not fit for consumption. Very tough meat, hard to bite and doesn't taste good at all!

After the entire meal, this was how much left. Thats how bad it was!

Pau smsing her darling

This is Pau's spare phone and I told her its really ancient. I don't see anyone using such a phone anymore nowadays.

After eating lunch, Pau, Ronald and I went shopping. Wanted to do some last minute shopping for clothes. In the end, couln't get anything as most shops are left with XL or L sizes only, due to CNY shopping. I only managed to get a Harley Davidson T-Shirt.

I like the slogan of this shop. "Everyone is Beautiful". Indeed.

Time flies. I had to rush off to Jie's house for reunion dinner with her family and Jay. After a very sumptious dinner with Shark's Fins, Abalone, Lobster, etc, we went out of the house and chit chat. Wallace (her son) suggested playing "fireworks" so we started.


This is Wallace. We asked him to sing a CNY song for us. (Video)

After he sang ths CNY song, we were on the topic of National Anthem and we asked him to sing for us. He readily did it! (Video)

At around 9.30pm, we made our way to Ice for Ktv.

Ice had to close at like 1.30am and we didn't enjoy ourselves enough so me and Jason proceeded to Clarke Quay. We met up with Pau, Burns, Ash and some other friends. The rest of them like yun, Esther and Paul went to Paul's house and played mahjong.

This is not where we went. I saw a huge crowd outside Lunar so decided to take a pic.

We went to Gotham Penthouse. My fave hangout last year, have not been here for months so decided to re-visit this place.

The girls having a lot of fun.

Cool Tan. I told Pau he is cute with his new hairstyle.

All the pictures.

We partied all the way till close to 5am. I had a very long but fulfilling day. 5 places in one day. Phew. A very jammed packed CNY's eve. I hope that this new year will be great for me, in wealth and career!