27 March 2009

Home-cooked food is still the best!

As I love to eat home-cooked food, and have been deprived of it for the last 1 decade (and more), I initiated a Food Party at Albert's place, where everyone of us was supposed to cook a dish each.

I ended up doing most of the cooking, super tired, but really happy because they all complimented that my cooking was better than expected. I was also surprised the food all turned out tasting quite good, considering I seldom cook (like once a year?), and I have not cooked that few dishes for years!

I met up with Mimie and did our groceries shopping at Hougang Mall NTUC Fairprice.

After we lugged more than $100 worth of groceries home, and hoping to get some rest, Mimie realised that her keys didn't work! OMG.

We were stucked outside the house for almost an hour, before Albert and Yenny finally came home with the CORRECT keys to open the doors for us!


The stupid door!

This is what 2 very bored people would do - Camwhore!
And record a video... its really lame! ROFLMAO!

Lucky I had my Pokka Milk Tea to accompany me for that hour!

Me trying to open the door every 10 mins, hoping there would be a miracle.

Yes, we were extremely bored!

After ONE HOUR of waiting, Albert and Yenny finally reached home!

We immediately got into action, and started cooking, although we were exhausted from all the waiting.

Finally, after all the chopping, grinding, slicing and washing, we were finally ready to cook!

My first dish was Tomato Prawns.

This is the final outcome.

My second dish was Potatoes and Pork in Oyster Sauce.

Everyone were waiting patiently, while I COOKED!

Me and my best assistant, Yenny.
The assistant with more than 1o years of "assistant chef" experience.
Assistant to her mum back in Indonesia... LOL

While we were cooking, the others were laying out the dinner table. And yes, that bottle of Absolut Peach was sponsored by me as well.

I think this dish took me more than 20 mins? It was tedious....

2 dishes were ready, but we still had 3 to go.

The other 2 dishes were whipped up very fast, because they required little effort and time.

This dish was cooked by Nova.

Tomato Prawns

Fried Luncheon Meat

Potatoes and Pork in Oyster Sauce (Kentang Ba)

Our dessert. Rambutan stuffed with pineapples with fruit cocktail.

All the satisfied diners.

Me and Mimie

Albert washing the dishes - which was supposed to be Kay's task as he did not help during the whole process.

The whole day ended with a lot of fun, drinking, gambling, etc.
I love such sessions, just brings friends closer together, and I hope to do this more often, because I am such a pathetic-home-cooked-food-deprived soul!

26 March 2009

Scandalous 2

A certain A-list hot, young actor (lets call him Net) has been seen in Media**** behaving intimately with another A-list hot, young actor. These 2 actors are currently 2 of the hottest young studs in that hill, and apparently the shocking part is they were pretty normal before they got into showbiz. But why the sudden change in preferences?

Its also rumoured that Net almost got the exact same deal as the other thirty-something hotbod actor (826) who got to star in many movie roles all thanks to a certain Managing Director of a certain "Film Company" closely related to Media**** (Rainforest).

Apparently, 826 sleeps (it is 'sleep' and not 'slept', because its still going on) with the head honcho of Rainforest to get the exclusive deal of starring in almost every other movie, sponsored or distributed by Rainforest.

It seems like these days its the male actors who are more hungry for fame than the female counterparts?

22 March 2009

Eu Yan Sang Concentrated Bird's Nest (余仁生)

2 - 3 years ago, I used to take Concentrated Bird's Nest on a daily basis. For those who are familiar with this product, its known that if you take one teaspoon of it in the morning and one teaspoon before you sleep, your complexion would improve significantly.

However at that point of time, it was too expensive for me as everyone knows Concentrated Bird's Nest costs around $70 per bottle and last only one week. I stopped after a couple of months.

Recently, while browsing through a magazine, I read about this young MD of a certain big-time Bird's Nest company in Singapore. Though he mentioned that Fann Wong probably takes more Bird's Nest than himself, he says he takes Bird's Nest on a regular basis, and I tell you, his face is flawless, as seen in the picture.

After reading that article, I have decided to start taking Concentrated Bird's Nest again to enjoy its efficacies.

After surveying a few brands, I have decided to go for Eu Yan Sang (余仁生)'s Premium Bird's Nest (Rock Sugar).

It costs $75.30 per bottle and it is supply for one week, so its going to set me back $301.20 per month. But you know what? It is so worth it because I am looking forward to better complexion in a few month's time.

And anyway I have cut down on my drinking lifestyle, so I can easily use my drinking money on Bird's Nest now.

Well, $300 was probably my drinking cost every one/two weeks in the past, so I still save, at the same time enjoying a healthier lifestyle.
I have already started taking the product, and I must say it is really delicious!!!

PS: For those who are diabetic or don't like sweet stuffs, there is also the "Low Sugar" option.

21 March 2009


A certain plastic surgeon, whose name sounds like a popular local male singer, recently offended some local celebrities when he spilled the beans on some of his celeb clients. Apparently these celebs called him the next day and gave him a piece of their minds because he was so unethical to reveal their confidential identities to the tabloids. Its also known that this plastic surgeon's boyfriend is a B-list actor well known for his hot bod and found fame when he won Manhunt many years back. Oh, did I mention that this actor is supporting actor in a Channel U drama where this plastic surgeon is consultant to.

Any clue?

17 March 2009

Fred Perry Peterstow Pin Punch

Just bought myself a Fred Perry Peterstow Pin Punch for $179. A little expensive, but I love it so much! One good thing about it is that its made of leather, thus its so comfortable!

Aiming at one more pair of Fred Perry sneakers!