29 July 2008

A SGD$10 million Wedding

More than SGD $10,000,000

Thats the cost of Tony Leung (梁朝伟) and Carina Lau's (刘嘉玲) wedding which took place on 21 July in Bhutan. Yes, only 100 celeb friends were invited for this very exclusive private wedding. Guests include A listers like Kenny Bee, Lin Ching Hsia and Faye Wong.

Heres what I gathered from various sources the cost of their wedding:

Wedding Event: $6.1 million
9-Course Feast / 38 Tables: $200,000
Wine Party: $19,000
Carina's 12-carat Cartier Ring: $4.4 million
Carina's Vera Wang Gown: $300,000
Tony's Tom Ford Suit: $60,000
Wedding Cake: $13,000
Honeymoon in Europe: $52,000

They are so f**king rich man!

28 July 2008

Marriages - Divorces

Why do singles always want to get attached?

Why do couples always want to get married?

Why do marriages always end up in divorces?

Marriages these days are so fragile. You get married last year, get divorced this year, you re-marry next year. What happened to the "In sickness and in health, in good times and bad times . . . . . ." What happened to vows?

Its no wonder so many people turn to cohabiting these days, to "try out" marriage life first, so in case things doesn't work out (I don't like your living habits, you don't like my sleeping posture), there is no need to go through the hassle of filing for a divorce. The most cumbersome part is the 3 years separation which divorced couples have to fulfill!

I have a couple of friends who have ended up in divorces because they found out the "ideal man / woman" they were dating, is not so ideal after all, AFTER marriage.

It seems marriages of our parent's generation last a greater distance as compared to the marriages these days. I am starting to wonder is it because there are no more surprises these days with marriages, since everyone has slept with everyone even before THE NIGHT.

More and more young couples are filing for divorces, mostly less than 5 years in the marriage. The question now is should you quickly file for divorce when you realise "its the wrong choice", so you can find someone new? Or should you try to accommodate to one another, and probably work things out in the future? But what if after trying for years, and things worsen? Wouldn't you have wasted half a decade of your youth on someone you will not be spending the rest of your life with?

Its too hypothetical...

Whatever the case is, do not plan for a child at least for a few years after marriage, so that you are sure your partner is right for you, to avoid the worst headache of all divorces.


And remember, the child is always the victim in ALL divorces!!!

27 July 2008

Its worth SGD$120 million!

This is one of Singapore's most expensive property!

Facts and Figures

Owned by: Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the younger brother of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Size: about 110,000 sq ft / 92 five-room HDB flats combined

Where: Nassim Road

Worth: A jaw dropping SGD$120 million

This is Prince Jefri

26 July 2008

10 1/4 Bowls of Chicken Rice in 10 mins!

This is Leong Eng Kiat.

Nationality: Singaporean

Age: 38

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 90kg

Occupation: Not Chicken Rice seller, but Sales Rep

Record: Ate 10.25 bowls of Chicken Rice in 10mins, broke previous record of 8.5 bowls

Champion of the Annual Chicken Rice Eating Competition 2008

If you think this guy is incredible, then check out these other 2

Takeru Kobayashi (World Number 3)
Nationality: Japanese

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 60kg

Occupation: Full time into eating competitions

Records: 63 hotdogs in 12 mins; 9kg of rice balls in 30 mins; 100 char siew paus in 12 mins; 5.5kg of mutton in 24 mins; 83 dumplings in 8 mins . . . . . .

Joey Chesthut (World Number 1)

Nationality: American

Height: 1.85m

Weight: 98kg

: Engineer

Records: 4kg tempura asparagus in 10 mins; 102 hamburgers in 8 mins; 241 chicken wings in 30 mins; 59 peanut butter sandwiches in 10 mins . . . . . .

Can't believe these record holders can eat so much! I eat 1 bowl of Chicken Rice and I already feel so "Gelare", Leong can actually eat more than 10 bowls.... OMG. Maybe because its Boon Tong Kee.

And though I love Chicken Wings, but isn't 241 Chicken Wings in half an hour a bit too much? That is 8 wings per minute!!! Crazy!

I think I will stick to my day job.

23 July 2008

The magic of whiskey and water!

Is it possible to change places between two shot glasses of whiskey and water without an intermediate glass?

Watch this and find out!


I am going to try this myself the next time I drink whiskey!

21 July 2008

2 Singaporean Businessmen offer $1 million REWARD!

SINGAPORE — A cash reward of S$1 million is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of Mas Selamat inside or outside Singapore.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng revealed this in Parliament on Monday in response to a question on fugitive JI leader Mas Selamat.

The million dollar reward has been put up by two private individuals who approached the Home Affairs Ministry.

DPM Wong said the individuals had asked the ministry to operationalise their proposal because they wished to remain anonymous to protect themselves, families or business interests in the region from becoming a target for retaliation.

The House was also reminded that the Singapore Police Force, as a policy does not offer cash rewards for information on fugitives and unsolved crimes,or for assistance from the public.

However, the authorities do not object if private corporations and individuals wish to offer cash reward as a labour—supply company and a non—government organisation did in March, offering $50,000 and $5,000 respectively for information on Mas Selamat.

On the whereabouts of Mas Selamat, the DPM said that up till now, Singapore’s security agencies have not received any information from their Indonesian counterparts to confirm that the JI fugitive is hiding in Indonesia.

Neither has domestic intelligence shown that the Singapore JI leader has left the country.

"We obviously cannot dismiss the possibility that Mas Selamat could have managed to escape Singapore for another country. Singapore is not a fortress" added Mr Wong.

However, if Mas Selamat has escaped abroad, DPM Wong said Singapore will work with the relevant foreign counterparts to track him down and bring him back into custody in Singapore.

Parliament was told that given the time since Mas Selamat’s escape, the scenario of the fugitive harboured by sympathisers inside or outside Singapore must logically be treated as increasingly plausible. However, there is no intelligence at present to substantiate it said Mr Wong.

With a S$1 million reward in place, the two anonymous businessmen who offered the cash are hoping for some breakthrough.

"Whatever you say, $1 million is an eye—catcher and I hope some people will respond to it and give information to capture the fellow” said the 50—something businessman who is offering part of the reward.

Describing himself as a "good citizen" who is not in it for the publicity, the international trading and consultancy businessman said he decided to be part of the S$1 million reward scheme after being told of it by his friend.

“Actually I didn’t really give the matter much thought because I sincerely believe that sooner or later, the Government will catch Mas Selamat.

"But when I learnt from my friend of the proposal to give a reward to help catch the man, I thought it was a good idea."

The friend, a businessman with regional interests and investments, said he was motivated by respect for members of the Home Team and the kind of work they put in.

"Singapore has been good to me and my family. I have lived in many places but there is no place safer for my family than in this country" he said.

The businessman who’s in his forties also revealed that he had long nursed the idea of offering a reward for the capture of Mas Selamat.

"I have thought about it before but I decided to do something now because after 5 months, it is clear that the authorities are not making much headway" he said.

"I hope my cash reward will generate the breakthrough they need."

Members of the public with information on Mas Selamat can call the Counter Terrorism Centre hotline at 1800—262 6473 or the Police at 999.

All information received will be kept confidential and will be verified and investigated.

(News from CNA)

Lets hope with this attractive reward, Mas Selamat will be arrested soon!

20 July 2008

Batman spotted at Vivocity!!!

Finally my loooooong 7 days work week is over!

But its also the start of my new week ahead!

I'll be working 12 days straight with no rest because of my Roadshow at Vivocity. Although I am fatigued, but its all worth the effort because we managed to acquire 200 customers with such a mini-scale roadshow.

I think my team did a great job

Anyway, back to my post. While I was at the roadshow, I spotted a "brown thing" walking past me yesterday, so I was trying to see what it was all about. I followed it for a while like a paparazzi, but gave up after realising it was covered up fully, from head to toe.

There were 2 "bodyguards", one on his left, and the other on his right, so I could not get anywhere close to that mysterious "guy/gal/thing".

The only thing that came to my mind was "Is this a publicity stunt for Scream 10?" Haha.

1 hour later, I spotted Batman!!!!

Do you see him?

At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Then I asked my staff, and she confirmed it was Batman.

I whipped out my camera and could only take 3 very lousy shots, because batman was literally "flying". He walked so fast that I only managed to take a half front shot of him, a back shot and a side shot.

Maybe he was rushing to another cinema to do his publicity for Batman.

So the brown man I spotted earlier on was actually Batman in disguise.

Where is the Joker?

Talking about Joker, I have read so many reviews and articles that Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker is his best role so far, and in fact the best portrayal of Joker as well. Its a tad sad that Heath did not get to enjoy the fruits of his "funny" labour, and he had to pass on before the movie was released.

I have yet to catch the movie because of work, and I hope I will have time to catch the movie next weekend! Hopefully it won't be like THIS:

Top 3 First Class Airlines

If you have the money to splurge, ever wondered which airlines give you the best service and most unforgetable experience?

TOP 3 First Class Airlines:

1. Qatar Airways

Flying first-class here means access to a separate terminal in Doha that mimics a five-star hotel with several fine-dining restaurants, a medical center, and a spa with sauna and Jacuzzi. On board passengers get caviar service, full-size pillows, white linen mattresses, Australian wool blankets and Bulgari toiletry kits. The seats are 79 inches long, have 15-inch LCD screens and come with a 23-inch meal table that allows dining for two, just as in a restaurant.

2. Singapore Airlines

Passengers here have total control of their experience including picking between Dom Perignon and Krug champagne and food whenever they want it and however they want it whether it's an extravagant five-course blowout or a quick meal served all at once. The seats are 82 inches long and 35 inches wide. Fliers are given a Ferragamo toiletry kits, Givenchy sleep suits and slippers. Seats flatten into beds with sheets, a down duvet and oversize pillows.

3. Cathay Pacific

Seats here become 'suites,' thanks to sliding panels that provide total privacy. They turn into 81-inch-long beds and have built-in massagers. Each flier also gets a personal closet to store belongings. Cathay got high marks for its food: It's one of the only carriers to have rice cookers, skillets and toasters onboard, so parts of meals are prepared fresh, like eggs made to order.

Still not luxurious enough? Then maybe its time to get your own name embossed on a plane, a private jet that is!

(Information partly extracted from Forbes)

Best Asian Blog?

Been nominated as one of the finalist in the Best Asian Blog category in SGBlog Awards. Do vote for me if you like my blog.

Vote here:

Thanks if you have voted for me!

15 July 2008

A*Mei STAR Concert

Finally I can see A*Mei live in concert! I have always wanted to attend her concert but no "kaki". Today Paul called from Philippines asking me if I want to catch her in her October Concert. I said "Yes" without even considering because I missed it the last time, and I am not going to miss it this time round.

4 Oct has been marked down on my calender, and I am SOOOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD to the concert!

My own birthday present to myself?

(Click on image to enlarge)


Anyone going?

Head of Ren Ci Hospital arrested

While I am still recovering from the NKF saga few years back, yet another shocking news about a charity head mis-appropriating funds surfaced today. I seriously think I am not going to donate a single cent, the next time I see charity acts on tv again.

So much for that tear-jerking "acts" by HIM every year!

Worst part is, tax exemption will not be granted for people who donated to Ren Ci!!!


THE long-time head of Ren Ci Hospital, the Venerable Ming Yi, was arrested yesterday and stepped down from all his positions at the charity, according to a report by The Straits Time.

He posted police bail of $200,000 last night and left the Commercial Affairs Department at the Police Cantonment Complex at about 11pm after giving his statement. He was wearing his monk robes.

The Straits Times said that the arrest comes five months after he went on long leave when the police were asked to probe the charity's finances.

The Health Ministry found 'possible irregularities' in Ren Ci's books after an audit.

At the heart of the issue were questionable loans made by the hospital, amounting to several million dollars. Some of these loans were allegedly given to companies with links to the Venerable Ming Yi.

There were also loans given to a helper with the charity as well as investments made over the years in his name.

As a result of the probe, Ren Ci lost the right to grant its supporters tax exemption for donations

(Story from Asiaone)

14 July 2008

Money No Enough 2

Following the success of Money No Enough 10 yearsago, director Jack Neo is back with Money No Enough 2, and is sure to win the hearts of the heartlanders with his usual closer-to-home portrayal of everyday issues, related to money! I cannot wait for the movie, because I remember 10 years ago when I watched MNE1, I laughed non stop in the cinema!

Here is the trailer:

Do support local productions!

13 July 2008

See through skirts

Another Crazy Fashion from Japan

What you see below are not see-thru skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible and the current rage in Japan.

Would you wear something like that?

Would you allow your girlfriend to wear something like that?

Whats next? See through pants for guys showing fake bulges?

12 July 2008

Cell Phone Popcorn Hoax Revealed

If you have watched the videos of the cell phone popcorn lately, you will know what I am talking about.

Its where a group of 4 would put some pop corns in the centre of 4 mobile phones, then they will call their own phones so their phones will ring, and voila, POP CORNS.

However, when all of us were wondering how this could actually happen, CNN broke the news yesterday that it was a hoax.

It was an internet marketing gimmick for the launch of a new Bluetooth headset. In short Viral Advertising.

Watch the video here for the full revelation.

11 July 2008

Shine for Singapore

The highly anticipated National day Song of 2008

English version by Hady Mirza.

Chinese version is sung by Joi Chua, once version is released in Youtube, will be posting it here.

09 July 2008

World's First Antibacterial and Hydrophobic Urine Director

Came across something very interesting on the internet today, and I think I must share this with all the ladies out there!

Its The World's First Antibacterial and Hydrophobic Urine Director!!!

Sounds wierd? Yes indeed!

Still do not know what it is?

This is how it looks like:

The Whiz freedom is antibacterial, hydrophobic and highly portable. Cleverly made, it will fold up when put in your pocket and spring back into shape when you need it. Because it is hydrophobic it can be flicked dry (no need to rinse it each time) and the antibacterial properties of the material from which it is made allow the device to be re-used over and over with no degradation in its hygienic properties.

This is a device where a woman can now PEE WHILE STANDING UP!

The urine will be directed down following the curvature of the device.

But there seems to be one problem:

Are woman able to do it while standing up?

Now the guys can FINALLY complain if the women aim recklessly!

08 July 2008

Ronald Susilo and Kelly Poon dating?

From one sizzling romance to another - Singapore national badminton player Ronald Susilo sure has his way with the ladies.

Susilo, 28, after a much-publicized breakup with Singapore national table-tennis player, Li Jiawei, is now said to be dating 2005 Project Superstar runner-up, Kelly Poon, 24.

Li's former fiancee has been spotted at least twice by local blog readers having dinner with the lanky Kelly - once at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Tanah Merah, and another at a Thai restaurant in Bras Basah.

When Susilo was contacted for information, The Straits Times reported that he rebuffed the rumours, insisting he and Kelly were "just friends", and they just "have dinner together occasionally."

Budding romance, or a platonic friendship? That's unsure for now, but we might not have to wait too long to find out.

(Story from Asiaone)

06 July 2008

Is title or salary more important?

Been thinking a lot about work recently.

It all started when I heard one of my ex colleague, who left my company because she was "poached" to join a newly set-up competitor firm, that within one year, she has been promoted to the post of VP.

Ok, lets set the record straight. I have nothing against her, but when she left my company, she was one level below me. In terms of qualifications, skills, leadership qualities, etc, I definitely edge over her in all aspects. And after one year, she actually had like a double/triple promotion to VP?

Lets face it. We may all say money is more important, as long as I am better paid than her, why bother about her newly minted title? But I guess jealousy or envy has gotten a hold on me, and I am just feeling extremely uncomfortable because I definitely deserve more than her. When I say more, I mean far more!

Corporate titles vary from company to company, and a Senior Manager in Firm A may be designated as Assistant Vice President in Firm B. Likewise, the AVP in Firm B could be drawing a lower salary than the Senior Manager in Firm A. Its all just corporate titles.

Which is more important?

Title or Salary?

This is often a dilemma for most people because some people would even give up their managerial posts and leave a supervising job for, lets say, a sales job? Why? Because some sales people can earn more than managers.

On the other hand, some people in frontline entry level jobs, often crave for a leap in their job titles because they only see the glamour, and the "beautiful" side of that "Manager" title.

Its hard to comprehend, and if I am asked this question again, I would probably give a different answer at different phases of my life.

Back to myself. I have been in this industry for 4 years (full-time) now, and have been in the same job scope for more than 2 years, and I am starting to feel jaded. I guess its partly due to the nature of my job, because my performance is measured month after month, and every month is a fresh new month, so its kind of like going through a performance appraisal every new month.

You may end the month well for January, but you then have to gear yourself up again for February, its never-ending.

I do hope to see the fruits of my labour SOON, now that I have been given more responsibilites, and I am putting in my best effort to do my best for all that is given to me.

I need to move on to better things soon and hopefully I see a brighter light at the end of this murky tunnel.

When? I don't know, let God decide.

05 July 2008

Most DRAMA war between 2 bloggers (In my opinion)

Apparently the war between Xiaxue and Dawn is such a drama that Xiaxue now gets more than 50,000 visitors to her blog A DAY, as compared to her average 20,000 visitors before this saga took place.

Well, if you still do not know what I am talking about, you should visit Xiaxue's blog to read her latest posts, her public "apology" to Dawn Yang and the emails exchanged between Xiaxue and Dawn's artiste manager.

I applaude Xiaxue for whatever she is doing, not that I think she is right, but at least she is not afraid to voice out her MOST SINCERE opinions.

I shall leave the details for your reading pleasure and shall not elaborate or express my two cents worth, lest I get myself into trouble, since this drama involves lawyers as well.

I love Xiaxue even more now!

03 July 2008


I am so tired! Today is only my 2nd lesson and I am already feeling so tired.

I feel like giving up.

Its as if I am not stressed enough at work!

So many things to worry about, so many things to complete, so many deadlines!

So much work, so little time!