05 July 2008

Most DRAMA war between 2 bloggers (In my opinion)

Apparently the war between Xiaxue and Dawn is such a drama that Xiaxue now gets more than 50,000 visitors to her blog A DAY, as compared to her average 20,000 visitors before this saga took place.

Well, if you still do not know what I am talking about, you should visit Xiaxue's blog to read her latest posts, her public "apology" to Dawn Yang and the emails exchanged between Xiaxue and Dawn's artiste manager.

I applaude Xiaxue for whatever she is doing, not that I think she is right, but at least she is not afraid to voice out her MOST SINCERE opinions.

I shall leave the details for your reading pleasure and shall not elaborate or express my two cents worth, lest I get myself into trouble, since this drama involves lawyers as well.

I love Xiaxue even more now!

3 Macro Voice(s):

Monica Tang said...

Yeah, I love her very much myself! It is good that she tells her opinion!

Fireopal said...

another publicity stint?

Anonymous said...

I've found new respect for herXD