31 May 2009

Sun Ho Yeow Sun on 8days!

*Updates 2:

Sun will be on the cover of the July issue of Elle Magazine too!


Sun is also on the cover of i Weekly this week!


I don't know about you guys, but I love Sun Ho, and I am not ashamed to say this.

I applaude her for:

1) Her courage to carry on her singing career despite the many criticisms!

2) Her unwavering love for humanitarian work, especially those she has done in China, donating all her album royalties to building schools there!

3) Putting Singapore on the World Music Map, by breaking into Hollywood and topping the Billboard Charts!

Get your copy of 8days this week!

And in case you have missed this:
Sun practising dance in LA with renowned choreographer Marty Kudelka, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and N'Sync.

Singaporeans should cut Sun some slack, and give her an opportunity to be an ordinary singer!

30 May 2009

Bored In Bikinis - How To Ace A Reality Show Audition, featuring Sonia and Xuesha of S Factor

If you are suffering from withdrawal symptons, post "S Factor", fret not, because Clicknetwork has a new series just for you!

This new program is call "Bored in Bikinis" and its fronted by Sonia and Xuesha, both from S Factor fame.

Brief of "Bored in Bikinis":
What happens when 2 bikini babes get bored? A lot of random frivolous nonsense. Featuring Sonia and Xue Sha from 'S Factor'.

Episode 1: How To Ace A Reality Show Audition
Sonia and Xue Sha from 'S Factor' demonstrate the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to auditioning for a reality show.

I think this show is really bimbotic, slightly funny, worth to watch if you are really bored.

28 May 2009

Yun's Birthday Party at The Raining Bar at Boat Quay

This year Yun decided to make her birthday party a low key one, thus she only informed us she was celebrating ON THE DAY ITSELF. Yeah, very low key indeed.

And for your information, it was Joshua and I who scouted a place for her to celebrate her birthday, on the same evening itself.

We scoured the entire Boat Quay, and finally found a pub call The Raining Bar, just beside Millions, below O Point.

Seems like everyone around me is avoiding this whole birthday celebration thingy altogether... I think it comes with age...

Makes me wonder if I will still want to celebrate my birthday this year?

Yun and I

Joshua and Yun

Joshua, Yun and I. The few left from the "Original HSBC gang"!

Yuki, Sarah and Jason.

Presenting.... the rarest appearance by...
Yes, getting Randy to attend anyone's birthday party is rare because he rarely makes it to anyone's party. ROFLMAO.... :P

Five... Ten... Fifteen...

Argh, I forgot his name. A super fun guy.

Yuki with that Geisha looking make-up.

Looks as if its Sarah's birthday!

All in All only 2 bottles of Chivas (ONLY), and I think 10 buckets of Heineken.
Have we all grown older or have we out-grown alcohol?

25 May 2009

Star Awards 2009 红星大奖

Shawn got me a pair of tickets to the Star Awards 2009, so I asked my sis along.

This was the queue 30 mins before we were allowed to go into the threatre.

Before the show started.

Fans of various artiste.

Channel 8 news was on the big screen while we waited for Star Awards to be filmed and telecasted live on Channel 8.

Fans getting ready, and practising their screams....

5 more mins...

Guo Liang and Quan Yifeng getting their spots right.


And still fans, waiting patiently, in anticipation.

Guo Liang and Yifeng again.

See that big pink chinese character? That is "Ping" which stands for Yvonne Lim. Yvonne's fans are fanatical man! They were practically yelling the whole evening!

Can you see that pink character again? haha...

Yes, this "Fa' is right beside me, and that definitely stands for the "Fa" in Fang Zhan Fa, which is Pierre Png. Pierre's fans, on the other hand, were very well behaved, they probably only yelled once, which was the time his name was called when the stars paraded themselves at the start of the show.

Yes, you are right. Right above Yvonne's fans are Dai Yangtian's fans. Dai Yangtian is one of the hottest, and fastest rising male star in Mediacorp now! Super handsome, because I saw him once in Orchard before!

And this neon lighted character is "Wu", which is the "Wu" in Qi Yuwu.


I was stopped by a nosey "security cum usher" thus throughout the entire Star Awards, I was not able to take any pictures, sorry for that. She was like ALL OUT to catch fans with camera man!!! She just stood in one position, and scanned the audience like throughout the ceremony! She just spoilt everything la, because many people, just like me, wanted to get a picture or two of our favourite artiste.

And when I finally could whip out my camera, it was the end of the show.
When that nosey aunty finally stopped standing where she stood, to get back to her position for the after show ushering, I quickly snapped a few shots of the Top 10 Male/Female Artistes on stage!

Some of the stars spotted that evening before the show, at the Mediacorp Reception:
- Huang Biren, alighted from her husband's car, spotted with a huge pair of shades.

- Christopher Lee, alighted from a cab, looking down all the way from the time he alighted till he got into Mediacorp.

- Huang Shinan, looking around at the reception, don't know looking for what, thereafter disappeared.

- Lin Qi Yuan, came out from the reception, and walked down the reception stairs.

Some others spotted at Mediacorp:
- David Gan, with his PA, made a big hoohaa because I think the receptionist didn't know who he was and asked for an entry pass. HILARIOUS!

- Addy Lee, with Shawn.

- Sean the blogger, attended the ceremony, seated right in front of me. Don't think he recognized me at all! LOL.

- Shawn, my friend, the one who got me the tickets. Was there to help Monsoon to style the Monsoon gang.
- Clarence Lee, one of the top make-up artiste in Singapore.

- Johnny Khoo, one of the top stylist in Singapore.

Hai, how come I didn't spot Fann, Felicia or Jeanette? Haha...

Anyway, to conclude this whole experience of watching the Star Awards "live", I would like to say that its not for someone like me. I think I still prefer to watch it at the comfort of my own home, and I think I can also hear clearly what the stars said while accepting their awards.
The sound from the mic was quite bad (Soft), since it was a live recording in a studio, thus, most of the time me and my sister couldn't make out what they were saying at all. The incessant yelling and screaming from the fanatical fans didn't help either!

Next year 红星大奖? I think I shall stick to my TV!

21 May 2009

Nat Ho (鹤天赐) is friendly!

Its official, Nat Ho is friendly, no airs whatsoever.

Alright, lets set the record straight, he should not be proud to begin with, since he is not a "BIG-enough" star, but he is much friendlier than I expected.

Today Nat was filming in Raffles Place since morning, and when Albert, Kay and I were walking to Golden Shoe for lunch, we spotted him again along our way. We glanced at him, and surprisingly, he smiled at us, and nodded his head. Its cool that he actually acknowledged us.

The next thing that happened was so funny! Kay, all of a sudden, waved at him, and guess what? Nat waved back! LOL. I almost flipped.

The three of us laughed in unison, and Nat broke into laugher too.

Funny... We then turned around and walked towards Golden Shoe.

I was then telling Albert and Kay, how this whole blog post would have been totally different, if Nat did not acknowledge us, or if he had ignored Kay's wave. The write-up might turn out like this:

Today while Albert, Kay and I were walking to Golden Shoe for lunch, we saw Nat Ho filming. When we looked at him, he did not bother to look at us, as usual, like all other C-list celebrities, who always think they are very famous / popular. The worst part is, stupid Kay actually waved at him, thinking he would reciprocate. And guess what? Not only did Nat not wave back, he had this arrogant look on his face like we were star struck fans looking at him in awe. Gosh, Nat is proud!


Am I so f**king right?


(Off to KL!)

20 May 2009

What a small world (Singapore)!

My sister nudged me on MSN today, and asked me if I just had a certain company function. I was totally surprised. It turned out that she spotted me in some pics in Facebook. And her boyfriend's friend is actually my colleague, who was the official photographer that day, that explains for all the pics posted in his Facebook. LOL.

Sounds complicated... but not really.

What a small world!

18 May 2009

I lost 3 Kg

Yippee, I lost 3 Kg!!!

No special weight loss program or anything, just less alcohol, smaller portion of lunch and dinner for me, and no supper!!!

I want to lose 2 more Kg, and its ideal!

16 May 2009

Xiaxue on Asia Uncut!

Whoa, my most favourite blogger on Asia Uncut!!!

15 May 2009

Optical Illusion

If you cannot understand where the illusion is, stand further back and observe again, you should be able to see more clearly.

Can you read the five words here? :P

13 May 2009

An amazing race!

Was going through my drawers, and saw this CD Rom given to me by George. It contains pictures of the Amazing Race organized by Rashida and myself.

It was a success, because almost everyone told me they really enjoyed the race, except for that group who went for breakfast and coffee at Golden Shoe Hawker Centre during the 4 hours of race!