31 May 2009

Sun Ho Yeow Sun on 8days!

*Updates 2:

Sun will be on the cover of the July issue of Elle Magazine too!


Sun is also on the cover of i Weekly this week!


I don't know about you guys, but I love Sun Ho, and I am not ashamed to say this.

I applaude her for:

1) Her courage to carry on her singing career despite the many criticisms!

2) Her unwavering love for humanitarian work, especially those she has done in China, donating all her album royalties to building schools there!

3) Putting Singapore on the World Music Map, by breaking into Hollywood and topping the Billboard Charts!

Get your copy of 8days this week!

And in case you have missed this:
Sun practising dance in LA with renowned choreographer Marty Kudelka, who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and N'Sync.

Singaporeans should cut Sun some slack, and give her an opportunity to be an ordinary singer!

17 Macro Voice(s):

Anonymous said...

Yeah... she is an ordinary singer.

ED said...


Cant wait to see Sun in 8 days as well!

Marc said...

Anonymously coward, I smell sacarcism, but its ok, because you are probably just the minority.

Ed, I have bought my copy, have you?

eneres said...

She's looking good.. will get a copy soon :)

Calamity said...

Wow. Blonde! she should do something different. Being blonde would only worsen her image. Blonde is only for successful people like lady gaga. asians should stick to natural colours. anything too bright or sparkly. clashes real bad. and uhh, did she really top the billboards? maybe you can paraphrase from another source so people would actually believe that she's made a difference in the western countries. and Anonymous isn't really the minority, you've to face it. fact is, loads of people out there wouldn't give second thoughts when they diss or flame her. the truth always hurts. blame it on those CHC incidents.

Marc said...

eneres, Sun looks even better in the magazine.

Marc said...

Haha, I am amazed how every single one who leave nasty / unconstructive / malicious remarks have no proper identity, i.e. a proper blog address? LOL.

I don't need to paraphrase because this is my blog, its not a news article or a press release.

If you need reminders, do check "Google" or "Wikipedia" out, they have all the information there!

Anonymous said...

r u from her church?

Marc said...

Anonymous, I am not from City Harvest Church, hope this clears your doubts.

Stephen said...

I like your 3 things you applaude SUN for... cool!

Marc said...

Stephen, thanks, so what do you like about Sun then? LOL

Stephen said...

Her fashion sense and her dance music and her courage all this while :)

Michelle said...

HEYHEY!! I LOVEEEEE SUN! && AM proud to be in her church :D Glad that u are encouraging peepo's to buy iweekly and 8days ft. Sun (:

Marc said...

Stephen, that is cool.

Michelle, I am glad you are proud of her. And do continue to support Sun because I think Sun is fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love SUN HO! She speaks with an immaculate Chad accent, not even Singaporean at all! Amazing! How DOES she do it? And her hair? gosh, it's even blonder than natural blondes! She's amazing on all counts.

On behalf of Sun, I'd like to thank everyone from the church to get out there to buy her albums and of course the magazine NOW!

PS: Its compulsory.

Anonymous said...

hahaha.... she kinda looks 'cheap 'to me as a blonde

Marc said...

Anonymous coward, that was so STUPID of you to post 2 separate comments when it was obviously you. There is something call IP address by the way.

And stop digging old news to talk about, she does not have church members in Taiwan, US, China, and her album sells well there too.

Think you are not just anonymous and stupid, you need someone to teach you to use the internet (world wide web) more to update yourself with latest news to talk about.

Oh, don't bother to reply, because I am going to delete.

PS: Too bad, its my blog!