01 June 2009

Scandalous 3

**Updates 11 June 09:
The said actress is Ann Kok and the said actor is Dai Yang Tian.

All these have been confirmed in Zaobao and Wanbao. They have also admitted that was not the first time they went out.

Conclusion: Ann Kok is dating Dai Yang Tian!


Spotted (Not by me!):
A certain hot buxom actress, recently seen in a more mumsy light on Channel 8, holding hands with an equally hot, but much younger rising actor at Cold Storage in Cluny Court.

They disengaged palms the moment they saw a flicker of recognition in the eyes of a fellow grocery shopper.

Perhaps the surprise couple thought they were more likely to run into expats rather than Chinese drama fans in Bukit Timah?

About a decade separates cougar and prey, which makes them more Jen Aniston and John Mayer (eight-year age gap), less Demi and Ashton (16 years).

(source: 8days)

My speculations:
Make a wild guess?

I have made mine and I am quite (90%) sure of the female lead in this scandal. Let me give you a clue. A mother with a rebellious son (with a HEAVY SCHOOL BAG), with a gay husband! LOL.

As for the "younger rising actor", its not that difficult to guess, since there aren't many hetrosexual male rising stars left in that hill.

Oh, in case you need some clues, these may help!:
Scandalous 2

Don't tell me that "young rising actor" rises like the "Sun" and loves table tennis?

Who do you think? Share your opinions!

4 Macro Voice(s):

Xie Bin said...

hello marc!!! i am doing okay! hope you're too! (: take care alright!

Anonymous said...

haha! hey, just wanna say your guess is right. LOLx. Is all over saying. And the male actor once says that he liked older females too.

eneres said...

The female lead i know.. is the guy DYT??

Marc said...

Xie Bin, thanks.

Anonymous, which male actor is that?

eneres, I am guessing its him too.