22 June 2009

Scandalous 4

**Updates 23 June:

In Wanbao today!

A not-so-pretty B-minus-C-List actress, comedienne, host, shopping diva, was SEEN and HEARD creating a scene in a gay party yesterday 21 June 2009.

It was heard that this slim celebrity accused a tall, handsome, 30-something, established GAY yuppy of molesting her on her private part just outside the premises of the gay club. It was apparent this dude accidentally tripped and fell and unknowingly "touched" her, and promptly apologized for his SINFUL doing. Sinful not because he touched her, but sinful because his hands were dirtied touching this comedienne, famous for uglifying herself (don't need much effort though) in Jack Neo's Variety Programs in the late 90s.

After the dude apologized to her, she insisted it was deliberate, and the bouncers had to step in to try to calm her down.

Now it is pretty (ugly) obvious who this celebrity is, because she is also famous for hanging around in gay bars, every weekend.

I used to be very neutral about her, but I guess after this incident, she would probably go into my "hatelist" now, together with a certain "Growing Up" C-list actor who also made headlines yesterday (21 June 2009) in Lianhe Wanbao, claiming to be a philantrophist, when he is just a philanderer!

ARGH, 2 disgusting C-list celebrity news yesterday!

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5 Macro Voice(s):

eneres said...

I have never liked her.. heard she's very "hao liao".. and wat has she got to be "hao liao" anyway.. She needs a better mirror.. her house mirror is spoilt!

Marc said...

eneres, she really very PROUD! She thinks she is Fann Wong!

Anonymous said...

Ask her to wake up her stupid idea

Anonymous said...

Pat Mok is a Lesbisn right.. so of course she hate guy haa

Marc said...

Anonymous, ya man, I really don't know what she is thinking, I heard this incident got reported on newspaper.

Anonymous, Pat Mok is les meh? I thought she crazy to find bf one?