30 November 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

HR bought a two-tier cake to celebrate my CEO's birthday.

Happy Birthday Sam!

29 November 2009

Breaking the Magician's Code (Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed)

Over the long weekend, I finished an entire series of "Breaking the Magician's Code, Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed" on Youtube (50 over videos!!!). LOL.

I must say now I finally understand how most magic tricks / illusions are done so spectacularly!
A lot of choreography, expert contortionists, mirrors, hiding, acting and escaping, that is.

I guess I won't be so awed anymore when I watch illusions from now on....

28 November 2009

Case 39: Some Cases Should Never Be Opened

Just caught a GREAT movie!

Case 39 talks about this social worker Emily (Renee Zellweger) who, in her attempt to save a 10-year-old "victim" of a child abuse case, Lili (Jodelle Ferland) witnesses a series of mysterious supernatural deaths.

The storyline gets more intense, as Emliy adopts Lili and brings her home, the real horror begins.

Its like Deja Vu, because if you had watched "Orphan", the concept is pretty similar. The adopted child is actually "a demon in angel's clothing". Her attitude towards her foster parent changes drastically, as the movie advances in its story.

The acting from Renee is intense, and I give this movie a THUMBS UP!

Moral of the story?
Do not adopt!

25 November 2009

Yangs Sisters

Yang Sisters star Kym Ng, Alaric Tay and Co-stars Mark Zee.

Yang Sisters is a very entertaining sitcom centering around the Yang Family. I didn't know Kym Ng can speak such fluent English until I watched this sitcom. She doesn't speak in some weird accent, but she speaks good english in a Singaporean way, and that makes her even more likeable in the show.

My Kym Ng likeability meter has just gone up 2 notches.

The other person who is totally funny is Alaric Tay.

Alaric has natural comedic chops, and putting Alaric and Kym together in one sitcom is simply great synergy. Alaric doesn't need elaborated jokes to be funny, the moment he starts talking, its already funny. His animated facial expressions add to the comedic effect.

Adrian Pang and Gurmit Singh should be worried, very worried, because this guy can really give them a run for their money!

24 November 2009

Ugly Singaporean!

Today, while going home on the NEL, I witnessed something which totally turned me off!

There was this young lady who wanted to give up her seat to an elderly Indian man who has boarded the train. The moment she stood up, another YOUNG LADY about 1 metre away DASHED OVER, and took the seat instead. The lady who gave up her seat didn't bother and looked away.

I had an urge to approach the UGLY SINGAPOREAN, but because I didn't want to spoil my mood, I just minded my own business.

What is this world turning to?

For me, I dare to say I will usually give up my seat to mostly 2 kinds of people, the elderly and pregnant ladies.

But then again, nowadays I don't have the luxury of sitting down anymore, because I am always commuting during peak hours!

23 November 2009

En Bloc

Finished En Bloc on Singtel MioTV.

En Bloc is a melodramatic series about a family's struggle, in coming to a cohesive decision to support the En Bloc proposition of their estate.

Its a very family oriented drama, a tad boring on the storyline, slightly predictable. Andrea Fonseka doesn't blend into the family at all, she sounds like an American Born Chinese in a totally "Cheena Family".

22 November 2009

A Christmas Carol - Jim Carrey

Rather disappointed with Disney's A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol is adapted from the book of the same name by Charles Dickens. The story revolves around this mean miserly guy, voiced by Jim Carrey. The story is boring, somewhat similar to "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past", where a ghost appears to haunt Jim Carrey of his miserly past, present and future, from a third person's point of view.

Little humour, draggy storyline, I would not recommend this movie.

I felt like I was attending a Literature lecture, and I dozed off a couple of times during this movie.

For those of you who likes novels, this movie might just be a match made in heaven for you. Otherwise, do not bother watching it.

20 November 2009

Dishonest Employee

What if you found out that one of your employees have been cheating you for 10 months, what would you do?

She told you she has classes 5 days a week and leaves the office early everyday.
However, you found out 10 months later that she actually only attends classes twice a week.

19 November 2009

Weekend Car?

I am currently taking driving lessons, and by end Feb, I should get my Driving Licence.

The only dilemma I am in right now is:

Should I
1. Get a normal car
2. Get a weekend car
3. Or just carry on taking public transport?

Done some calculation with a car expert friend of mine, below is the possible breakdown of the expenses:

Installment - $600
ERP Charges - $200
Office Season Parking - $300
HDB Season Parking - $65
Petrol - $250

Insurance - $4000
Road Tax - $700

***This works out to be
($1,415 monthly X 12) + $4,700 = $21,680 in a year

Installements - $400
ERP Charges - $50
Office Season Parking - $0
HDB Season Parking - $65
Petrol - $100
Public Transport to work - $100

Insurance - $4000
Road Tax - $300

***This works out to be
($715 monthly X 12) + $4,300 = $12,880 in a year

Monthly Expenses on both MRT and Occasional Cab - $200

***This works out to be $2400 a year

SO if you were me, what would be your choice?

Normal Car, weekend car, or public transport?

Savings VS Convenience?

18 November 2009

George's Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club 2

After cake-cutting, some of us proceeded to the room and played some really childish games.

We started with "Heart Attack", then proceeded to play "Tumbling Tower", another version of Jenga, or Uno Stacko.

Victor setting up the tower

I must say the bunch of 10 of us were really very good, we went around for 6 rounds, that is 60 times, before the tower tumbled!!!

This was how the tower looked like on the 3rd or 4th round

4th or 5th round
VIDEOS OF THE GAME (Extremely entertaining!)
In this video: Victor and Kelvin
Me at it
Joseph taking a reeaally loooonnng time
Ah Geok and Bal
James and Victor
Me at it again, my 5th round....
Ah Geok tumbles the tower, FINALLY!

Outside, some others were playing Mahjong
Day 2

Everyone getting ready to go Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East!
Being hydro-phobic, I really took a step of faith to join them at Wild Wild Wet.
I must say I enjoyed myself.

On the second evening, we barbequed again, because we had so much uncooked food left from the first day. After the BBQ, we sat around the hall doing nothing...

We drank wine.

George and Kelvin

Birthday boy, George

Group pic

Happy Birthday George!!!

14 November 2009

George's Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club 1

George celebrated his 28th birthday at Aranda Country Club, the exact same place I celebrated my birthday last year!

He was very thoughtful, not only did he catered for a buffet, he also prepared lots of food for barbeque as well.

Unfortunately, it rained, and some of his closer friends had to brave the rain, and bbq for his guests who were comfortably enjoying the catered food in the room.

Gary, setting up the pit.

The whole place was empty, except for us, and a group of Indians.

Look at how WET the whole BBQ area was!
I have never BBQed in such a condition before!

Kelvin and Geok looking on, as Gary prepared the pit.

Geok's T-shirt.

Gary is so skinny....

Food from BBQ Wholesale.

To prevent the rain from getting onto the charcoal.

Statue of Liberty?

Kel and Geok

Me and Kelvin. How does Kelvin look so youthful for his age?

Ella, Eh, Eh, under the Umbrella....

Time to cut cake!

Such a cute cake.... LOL


Some of his friends.

Singing THE SONG

Making a wish...

George taking pictures with various groups of friends.
I managed to take all the groups, unfortunately, I don't have the one which my clique took with him, because I didn't use my camera!

George and Kelvin

Cutting the cake for distribution.

Introducing the declicious Brocoli with Scallop Sauce, cooked by Geok.

Alcohols for 2 nights

Time to mingle!

Joanne and I




To be continued.........