18 November 2009

George's Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club 2

After cake-cutting, some of us proceeded to the room and played some really childish games.

We started with "Heart Attack", then proceeded to play "Tumbling Tower", another version of Jenga, or Uno Stacko.

Victor setting up the tower

I must say the bunch of 10 of us were really very good, we went around for 6 rounds, that is 60 times, before the tower tumbled!!!

This was how the tower looked like on the 3rd or 4th round

4th or 5th round
VIDEOS OF THE GAME (Extremely entertaining!)
In this video: Victor and Kelvin
Me at it
Joseph taking a reeaally loooonnng time
Ah Geok and Bal
James and Victor
Me at it again, my 5th round....
Ah Geok tumbles the tower, FINALLY!

Outside, some others were playing Mahjong
Day 2

Everyone getting ready to go Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East!
Being hydro-phobic, I really took a step of faith to join them at Wild Wild Wet.
I must say I enjoyed myself.

On the second evening, we barbequed again, because we had so much uncooked food left from the first day. After the BBQ, we sat around the hall doing nothing...

We drank wine.

George and Kelvin

Birthday boy, George

Group pic

Happy Birthday George!!!

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