25 November 2009

Yangs Sisters

Yang Sisters star Kym Ng, Alaric Tay and Co-stars Mark Zee.

Yang Sisters is a very entertaining sitcom centering around the Yang Family. I didn't know Kym Ng can speak such fluent English until I watched this sitcom. She doesn't speak in some weird accent, but she speaks good english in a Singaporean way, and that makes her even more likeable in the show.

My Kym Ng likeability meter has just gone up 2 notches.

The other person who is totally funny is Alaric Tay.

Alaric has natural comedic chops, and putting Alaric and Kym together in one sitcom is simply great synergy. Alaric doesn't need elaborated jokes to be funny, the moment he starts talking, its already funny. His animated facial expressions add to the comedic effect.

Adrian Pang and Gurmit Singh should be worried, very worried, because this guy can really give them a run for their money!

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