28 November 2009

Case 39: Some Cases Should Never Be Opened

Just caught a GREAT movie!

Case 39 talks about this social worker Emily (Renee Zellweger) who, in her attempt to save a 10-year-old "victim" of a child abuse case, Lili (Jodelle Ferland) witnesses a series of mysterious supernatural deaths.

The storyline gets more intense, as Emliy adopts Lili and brings her home, the real horror begins.

Its like Deja Vu, because if you had watched "Orphan", the concept is pretty similar. The adopted child is actually "a demon in angel's clothing". Her attitude towards her foster parent changes drastically, as the movie advances in its story.

The acting from Renee is intense, and I give this movie a THUMBS UP!

Moral of the story?
Do not adopt!

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