15 August 2009

Orphan: There's something Wrong With Esther

Caught this movie last night with 9 friends.

After the movie, we couldn't stop discussing the movie, and IMO, its one of the best horror movie in recent times. (maybe because I haven't watched a lot of horror movies, LOL.)

The storyline kept me to the edge of the seat, and evoke my emotions throughout the movie. There isn't one moment where I was emotionless. I tell you, I was so agitated with the husband John and was literally cursing him when he didn't believed anything the wife explained.

This is a movie definitely worth watching because actress Isabelle Fuhrman has done an extremely good job, portraying an evil 9 year-old kid call Esther.

She has a secret, an extremely dark secret, and I shan't elaborate anymore, otherwise I'm gonna spoil it for you!

2 Macro Voice(s):

eneres said...

i enjoyed it too.. the young actress is really good!

Marc said...

eneres, yup, I wonder how old is she in real life.