05 August 2009

House Party @ Jennefer's Place

My previous bunch of staffs organized a get together in Jen's place the other day. It was a great time because we have not gathered as a group for a while now. Too bad Pau and Pat are in Philippines, and could not join us, and Ronald had a function to attend to.

We did a pot luck so each of us had a bring an item to Jen's place.

Albert brought Indian Rojak.
I kept attacking the potatoes and the fish cake as usual. LOL.

Jen and Noel called for Pizza. Initially we wanted to call for Pizza Hut, but guess what, they could not deliver to our area due to overwhelming response. GOSH! We ordered Canadian Pizza instead.

Jen's Mac Book ready. This serves 2 purposes.
1. Great Music.
2. We were supposed to do a webcam session with Pauline and Pat via Skype, but their internet connection in Philippines cocked up the whole plan. In the end, we did not even manage to see them online. SIGH.

Canadian Chicken Wings, I would have preferred the Pizza Hut Drumlets.

Turkey Ham Pizza

Meat Lovers

Joanna overslept and came really late, but she came with delicious Chicken Wings from Ikea, she's forgiven. Keke.

My contribution for the night was this 1 Litre Absolut Vodka.
My initial plan was to buy Old Chang Kee, but because Prem was going to be rather late with his alcohol contribution, thus I just brought this vodka along before he reaches.

Haven't seen Joanne for a long time!

Jen, Joanne and Albert

Albert busy taking pictures for the girls.

Noel fixing up HIS Mac Book to enjoy his Warcraft game.
Jen and Noel are apparently very hooked onto that game.

This is the Ikea Wings I was talking about.

A group Picture

I took a video of us when we were taking a X3 shot.
Video turned out really funny.

We were bored, so we started playing a guessing game, which made up of both "Win, Lose or Draw" and "Charades"

This is one of the 9 videos which was recorded for the Charade Game.
Some really funny ones!

To watch the other videos, pls go to

Losers drink up.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game though it may just be a simple game.
I guess what they say is true, it doesn't matter where you are, its the company that is important.
In our case, we had great company!

Prem finally arrives, with his alcohol.
We were anticipating either Whiskey or Martell, but Prem ended up bringing Martini.
I really don't know what Prem was thinking.

Continue with our games....

Chips, by Joanne.

When we finished the guessing game, we proceeded to our next game, the all time favourite drinking game of many - Truth or Dare.
In our case, there was no dare, just truth.

We ended the night at around 4am, because we were all tired.
The drinks were just nice, not too much, so no one was tipsy or anything.

Prem sent me and Albert back since he stays in Punggol.

Prem has upgraded from a bike to a car since he joined RBS, I am really happy for him, at least I know all my ex-staffs are doing very well.


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