16 August 2009

High Tea at Marriot Hotel

Met sis for high tea at Marriot Hotel today (her belated birthday meal).

For the price we paid, it wasn't exactly worth the money, because we both ate very little.

No pictures this time because I did not bring my camera along.

Food variety was so so only, not so tasty as well.

Range of dessert was fine, the usual cakes, ice-cream and pastries.

For core food, there was Teriyaki Chicken, Yakitori, Sushi, Congee, Herbal Soup, etc.

Free flow of fruits juices, Pink Guava, Calamansi and Orange Juice. The Pink Guava was good though, very concentrated, unlike the usual Hotel Breakfast ones.

All in all, I paid about $72 for sis and myself, after 15% discount given for my UOB Platinum Card.

Other credit card discounts:
HSBC - 10%
UOB Generic - 10%

After the high-tea, sis and I concluded that would be the last time we would have high-tea or buffet, because we really do NOT have appetite big enough for such. Maybe lounge around in a hotel cafe with cakes and coffee/tea will be more suitable for us.

I think I have grown old, because I used to be such a big eater, and I could go on and on with many helpings in a buffet.

But then again, that was like 8 years ago...

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eneres said...

yeah i could eat like 2 plates of Cze Cha beef fried rice.. and tat was like 10 years ago.. keke...

Age can really cause an impact man..

Marc said...

eneres, yes, we have all grown old...