30 December 2009

Dinner and Dance 2009 at Suntec City Convention Centre

My company held its Dinner and Dance at the Suntec City Convention Centre this year, and yours truly, is the Committee Head this year.

I am glad it was a huge success!

Suntec City made several huge live-size direction boards so our employees won't get lost.

This was where we held our event

We had 2 VIP tables for senior management and guests.
This is where I sit.

Some pics of the hall

Shawn, Sharan and myself.
My two capable committee members!

Rashida and I

Lucky Draw Coupons

Employees mingling before the doors opened.

Kiran and Geraldine handling reception

One of Sam's invited guests with Lisel.

Lisel and Zaidah

Ben and Lynn

Lynn, Daniel, me, Jerry

The tables started filling up

Mabir, the funnyman, was our Emcee for the night!

Sam, my CEO, started the event by giving an overview of the year 2009

Everyone listened attentively.
Sam's opening speech was followed by a video montage of pictures of all the key events of 2009.

Then it was the presentation of awards to our Top Performers of 2009, as well as the Long Service Awards.

The Mabir made Sam officiate the event by popping a party firecracker.

After all the formalities, the fun began!
First up, the drag queens, the Tiaras, performed a number for us!

Some of the food

Me with the Tiaras. How come I felt like I was in Bangkok, post Mambo show? LOL!

Yuki, Albert, Yenny and I.

Prue, Patrick and I

Ella and I


Mabir, playing some games with us.

Joan, dancing to Alex To's 脱掉


Albert eventually won the title of "the hottest guy" in my company.


Alysson, a quarter of the Tiaras, won the title of "the hottest lady" in my company.

Amber, giving her all, during the competition.

Lucky Draw

Back to games

Mabir demonstrating the "MTV" steps.

Sharon doing a Bollywood dance. Sharan is really the most gorgeous lady in my company now.

The Tiaras with their second and final number.

The DND ended around 11pm, but the party just started for some of us. Haha.
Sam brought about 10 of us to Balaclava (conveniently located within Suntec) for drinks!
Ben, Daniel, Mae and Wenlin

Wenlin and Joan

After finishing about 2 bottles of Whiskey in one hour, they decided to call it a day.
Valiant and I then proceeded to Eskibar at Boat Quay to join some of my staffs.
Christina and Yuki

Taking a group pic before we left.

Got many compliments that the DND was great.

What matters to me most was that everyone enjoyed themselves! CHEERS!