26 December 2009

Get rid of bed bugs!

Today is a sucky day!

Yesterday night at around 2am, I was woken up by severe itching.

I found out later that I had bed bugs on my bed!

I then surfed the internet for solution, and sad to say, the only solution was either to change the bed, or to get the specialist in. I chose the latter.

At 9am today, I called up a Pest Control company, and fortunately, the director was the one who served me, and he arranged for his guys to come today at 1pm. All other companies I called needed a 2-working day notice.

I thought such services are considered urgent, and should be almost immediate? Well, you don't want the bed bugs to spread and grow, do you?

If the service turns out good, and solve my itching problem, I shall recommend it here to all my friends and readers.

Till then, I got to do some work:
Wash my comforter, bed sheet, pillow cases.... ARGH!

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TarraByte said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering from bed bugs. They are a scourge! I eradicted them from my home earlier this year and it was an ordeal. There are steps you can take to make the process easier and to shorten your infestation. Sounds like you did a lot of research on the internet. I've collected a lot of tips at my site bedbugsnorthwest.com. I hope it helps you get rid of them faster.

Marc said...

Tarrabyte, thanks. The pest control was not entirely effective thus i have decided to buy a new bed. I hate bed bugs!