13 December 2009

風雲 The Storm Warriors

Just caught 風雲 The Storm Warriors at PS on Friday with my usual Movie Gang.

Utterly disappointed with the lack of storyline and excessive computer graphics.

I didn't watch the first installment to The Storm Warriors, and never intended to watch this second one, however, due to the persuasive powers of my friends, I decided to just tag along.

I dozed off during the first 30 mins to one hour of the show, it was only towards the end where the story gets slightly more interesting , that I managed to keep myself awake.

And I really cannot stand the "manja-ness" of the lead actress, Charlene Choi, in the movie, calling herself "Di Er Meng", directly translated as "The Second Dream" and also her calling Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok "Feng Ge Ge" and "Yun Ge Ge" respectively.

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