05 April 2009


**Updates(7 April):
(Actual story below)

My letter to Straits Times WAS published in their forum on 6 April 2009, but link has expired. (Read my FULL experience below):

http://www.straitstimes.com/ST+Forum/Online+Story/STIStory_360234.html (link has expired...........link has expired..............link has expired)

It seems like many people can identify with me!

These are just three of the many comments left by many readers:

1. stompKING
You should call the police too !

I think Jean Yip had expanded too fast and have too many branches. She did not monitor the quality of their branches' staff. Too bad. They will decline further. Her staff had caused JY name to be blemish !

And for the Causeway JY manager to react by calling security is laughable and a bad image on JY. To call for security on her customer is just adding insult to injury. Were the customer attacking them ?

The customer is just unhappy and making a complaint. If JY doesn't even train their staff on this, then something is seriously wrong with Jean Yip. The manager and stylist should be fired immediately as they performed badly and tarnish the name of JY. So sad.

JY is about cutting hair and providing good customer service. They should cut according to the customer's wish and instruction unless the customer gave them the freedom to do otherwise.

I go to my neighborhood barbershop and it cost me only $8 and with good service too ! Why pay more and have your blood vessel burst !

2. addicted2tehhalia
I switched salons cos the staff at JY never seemed to bother about what the customer wanted. Expensive, and cannot give you the style that suits you.

The bunch of staff sitting at the reception counter usually look like they are more interested in preening themselves, than making the customer happy.

There are other salons that provide better services.

3. ChristineChua_Ms
It is a known fact that Jean Yap has inexperienced and untrained hair cutters. Most are china people with no formal training. Almost everyday there is some quarrel or raised voice arguments at all outlets of Jean Yap. But most of the Yean Yap outlets have no business and their rent and other costs are left uncovered. So they are most likely closing shop in the near future.


Today, I visited Jean Yip at Causeway Point to have a haircut because I was going to Ronald's place for Zaylee's birthday party in Sembawang.

The price stated on the poster displayed prominently outside the Jean Yip store was "$21.90 regardless of length", but I was charged $25.90 when I was paying at the counter! Although the discrepancy was only $4, but seriously, it was a matter of principle. When I questioned the counter girl by the name of SERENA, she had the cheek to say it was because I "washed my hair"! WTF!!! Which salon does not wash you hair after they cut, other than those $10, 10 mins kind? FUCK UP!

My unhappiness started with the "stylist" JOHNNY TEO who made a mess of my hair, the very moment he started cutting my side burns. I explained to him more than 3 times how I wanted my hair to be cut, and he still couldn't understand. Maybe Jean Yip Academy should also send their hairstylists for some LANGUAGE COURSES!

That Johnny simply got another more senior hairstylist to cut my hair, when he couldn't understand what I wanted, (mind you, I was speaking to him in Mandarin!) without even having the courtesy to tell me the arrangement. The next thing I knew, the other stylist was standing behind me and I had to explain again. Lucky, this second stylist gave me a satisfactory haircut.

After I paid, I wanted to speak to the manager, and guess what SERENA the counter girl said?

"The manager is somewhere, so if you want, you can go to the website and give your feedback there!"


I then asked for an email address and SERENA again said "Jean Yip does not have an email address, we only have a website... ..."

What a joke!

I seriously think Jean Yip has some MAJOR customer service issues.

When the "manager" by the name of ALEX AW finally turned up at the outlet, the first sentence that came out of his foul mouth was "Get the security guard!"

At this point, I was damm pissed! Instead of solving the issue, he got the security guard for fuck?!?!

That ALEX AW didn't even do the least a manager could do, that is to solve problems, and put customers first. Instead, he put on a black face, and raised his voice at me throughout the entire conversation when I was explaining the situation to him.

This is one of the worst service I have ever encountered in a salon, and I swear

I will never step into ANY JEAN YIP OUTLETS ever!

For all those who have plans to have a haircut there, or do some slimming there, my advice for you is:


PS: Dawn Yip, the director of operations have yet to call me back after ONE WEEK, although I was promised. Their customer service sucks all the way to the top management!

Jean Yip Salon sucks!

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Jas said...

oh, thats terrible!

I think i have 10 years never step in JY already!

Terrible should send to newspaper!

I agreed with you, it is the principle not the $$$ thats matter.

eneres said...

OMG! Tat's atrocious man.. so the security really came to the scene?

Marc said...

Jas, you have not stepped into JY for 10 years? Make it another 10 years then! And yes, I have written in to The Straits Times and NewPaper Forums already. Today Straits Times has called me up, I think my article should be published soon!

eneres, the security guard did come to the scene, and ironically, the security guard was trying to calm me down. He was behaving more like the manager of JY than that ALEX AW!!!

Jas said...

recently i still have the thoughts of going to JY, but after reading your post, i think probably i wouldnt be stepping in for the rest of my life bah! I were you, i probably will also write to case! since it is so miss leading!....hahahaha....

カルメン said...

Happened to come across your blog while blog surfing. Guess you should probably do a google search on Jean Yip. They're quite infamous for their pushy sales assistants and stuffs like that. Count yourself lucky that it wasn't like 100 over dollars for a simple haircut. Lol.

Marc said...

Do read my letter which is published in Straits Times Forum here:

Jas said...

mi quite keen to know what is their response to this!

To think if the quality of staff is just like tat, they can jolly-well close shop.

thanks 4 sharing!

Marc said...

Jas, its unfortunate, till now I have yet to receive a single call from Jean Yip.

Yesterday, I called into their office, and I shall not elaborate what happened to my phone CALLS.

In short, I finally got to speak to DAWN YIP, she was nice, but she has yet to get back to me because she said she will go and read my email.

I am really curious are they genuinely interested in customer's feedback!!!

Somehow, I feel that they will not be getting back to me after all!

カルメン said...

lol marc. you tagged at the wrong blog. my blog is http://th-perfectheels.blogspot.com/ . the one you tag is my blogshop :)

Fireopal said...

wah piang!!!

this is news..

can i feature a link to this blog article on my twitter?

Marc said...

Fire, pls do. I want as many Singaporeans warned as possible too!

Fireopal said...

Hi marc...

i already linked ur story on JY onto my Twitter account, hopefully reaches more people, esp the international followers on my twitter...

do check it out http://twitter.com/fireopal82

btw, if you haven collected your $ from Advertlets, do continue to press them for it!



Marc said...

Fire, thanks!

weijie said...

sup , i never believed in going into big names of saloon for a haircut so .. HAHA . :\

Marc said...

weijie, I went there to cut because I happened to be there. I have never once classifed Jean Yip as a big name, its just a household name because of their heavy advertising.

Big names in hair will always been Shunji, Passion, Monsoon, Le Salon, to name a few.


Celestial said...

thats really atrocious customer service. i think we bloggers shld really blog and share abt such lousy service so that those service industry ppl can wake up!

Marc said...

Celestial, I agree. If you want, you can blog about this in your blog, and link this post in it, so your friends and log readers can also know about Jean Yip.

Marc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blah blah blah said...

Omg I totally agree with you! Jean Yip sucks! Their stylists just try to persuade you to buy their damn packages! They have NO SUCH THING as customer service D: I bet they have received no proper training at all lor >< I went there once to get my hair cuz and it was DISASTROUS! I told the guy many times how I wanted it to be like and yet he cut it his own way D: Arrrgh they should seriously close down Jean Yip ><

Marc said...

blah blah blah, exactly my sentiments, well said. Pls tell all your friends!

Mini Garage said...

i totally agree with u abt JY.. it really sux.. my bf went there for a hair cut and nice looking hair turned crappy... my cousin who is also a hair stylist told mi that JY dun select their stylist.. omg and they stil have the cheek to treat customers like tat.. u should really f* them upside down... make sure that this dawn yip person gets back to u with bloody good explaination.

Marc said...

Mini Garage, for your information, that Dawn yip DID NOT revert!

Elita said...

Here's my own encounter at the Plaza Singapura branch: They have a shop at PS promotion. $59 for cut and colour. I called and made appointment as the fine print said "Strictly by appointment only". I managed to get a time slot for the next day in the morning. I reached there, the receptionist just pointed to the inside and asked me to go in. Someone else came and led me to a seat. After I sat down, I told the hairdresser attending to me that I came because of the promotion. She asked me if I had brought the flyer along. I was lucky I did although I do not understand why they would need it since they also have a poster outside for this promotion? They took a while to "verify" the flyer. I found it really odd. Then the hairdresser came back and told me that for my shoulder length hair, the price is $79. I was speechless. Why did they not tell me over the phone when I was making the appointment? Let me decide if I still wanna come if the price is not really $59 nett. Anyway, I was boiling but I decided to let them taste their own medicine. I shall have the colour and cut and tell them later that I will not pay more than $59 as advertised. And the cut was even hardly even a cut. Although I wanted to keep my hair long and asked for layers, I didn't expect the hairdresser to just pick my dry, all natural hair up in bunches and just sheared them! Then they proceeded to apply colour on my hair which was still unwashed. Ok, the promotion never said wash included, so I can't complain. At least the boy who helped to colour my hair and rinse off did an honest and proper job. After that he was the one who blew dry my hair. Then the hairstylist came to look at my hair. I was beginning to prep myself for a showdown I didn't even care how my hair looked. All the time she looked like she just gave me the service I could have gotten from those $10 haircut salons! So, anyway, when she led me to the cashier and wrote $69 on the invoice, I said, "The promotion said $59." Then she lamely replied "For your length it has to be $69". To which I replied "But when I made the appointment, nobody asked me if I had shoulder length hair and tell me that price varies according to length of hair." Just then her manager walked past. The manager looked more like a bouncer. He questioned the hairdresser almost rudely "You didn't tell her?" in Cantonese. The hairdresser told him she did. I almost felt sorry for the hairdresser at that point, for it seemed it's not her fault but rather that of JY's management that such underhand sales tactic and poor service exists. THe manager then tried to tell me there's a star there on the $59 (meaning an asterisk for the fine print). I told him that it didn't say so on my flyer but I looked at the poster closely and pointed to him that it said "Terms and conditions apply." but never said longer hair more expensive and that they should have told me over the phone instead of letting me come all the way and then drop the bomb on me! Like many of you posted: it's never about the money, I'm sure most of us would have gladly paid over a $100 dollars for a cut and wash at a salon. But to resort to such a tactic, just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. They should have focused instead of providing a good service and taking the opportunity to win over first time customers. Now they have certainly lost another potential long term customer! So anyway, I told the manager squarely in the face "I'm only going to pay $59" To my huge surprise, he gave in without further argument and just rudely asked me for my credit card. All I could say from his attitude is they are just treating "promo" customers as a quick "rip-off". He asked me to fill in the customer details, which I did, although I don't think they would ever add me to their customer database! Then I saw on the form (for first time customers, possibly from the same promotion), the rest of the customers paying $79, $89, $109! I wrote $59 beside "Cut and colour". I hope the rest of the customers who came after me would see it and not be ripped off.

Marc said...

Elita, I can truly identify with how you feel. Thanks for leaving such a long story of your own encounter.

I am sure by now most people would have known Jean Yip sucks to the core.

Their branch managers should just work in coffeeshops because they speak like hooligans.

Lets not get ourselves angry over a lousy local hairdressing chain anymore.

Lets tell all our friends, colleagues, and let Jean Yip know the power of WORD OF MOUTH!!!

Anonymous said...

not all jy are like that lah..
some are good,like tampines one..they are really polite and good esp the lady name nico and staffs

unsatisfied customer said...

I was about to make a complain on Jean Yip's services and was surprised that there are other people complaining too but mine is on the Beauty services.
I signed up a normal facial package last year at causeway point. As i have many oilseeds on my face, the beauty consultant will help me to extract it. After the extraction, they will straight away do the massaging, without putting any solution on it to heal the wound so during the massaging process I will have to endure the pain from the wound. And the worst thing is that after each facial, my face will be full of ugly spots aroused from the extraction. At each facial, the consultant will recommend me to buy some products for my face. At one time I bought 2 items and it cost me $200+ and at another facial, I was recommended a skin care product will cost $188. I did not buy it because it is too expensive and I do not know if it is because of this that the consultant treated me diffferently. After she has done the facial for me, she will tell me it is done and just left the room without helping me up and massage my back. I have to pull myself up and find my way out. And at the counter, I saw a cup of tea there, I know it should be for me but I dare not drink it as I scared maybe it is for other people. The consultant who attended my facial was nowhere to be seen and there are 2 girls seated at the counter, they also cant be bothered to tell me if the tea is for me so I just left without drinking it.
After finishing the whole course with Jean Yip, I signed a similar facial package with another beauty salon and from there I can see the services are far better than Jean Yip's. They will not ask us to buy any products, and they also do the extraction of oilseeds for my face. After that they will put a cotton pad, which I think they have put some solution on it to heal the wound. They will put it on for a while then remove before doing the massaging so I dont feel any pain during the massaging, and after the facial, I dont see any ugly spots on my face. They will help me up and massage my shoulder and back after the facial. Jean Yip's services is uncomparable with others so hope they will look into this seriously before their name's been tarnished by black sheeps.

Anonymous said...

I was about to make a complain on Jean Yip's services and was surprised that there are other people complaining too but mine is on the Beauty services.
I signed up a normal facial package last year at causeway point. As i have many oilseeds on my face, the beauty consultant will help me to extract it. After the extraction, they will straight away do the massaging, without putting any solution on it to heal the wound so during the massaging process I will have to endure the pain from the wound. And the worst thing is that after each facial, my face will be full of ugly spots, aroused from the extraction. At each facial, the consultant will recommend me to buy some products for my face. At one time I bought 2 items and it cost me $200+ and at another facial, I was recommended a skin care product will cost $188. I did not buy it because it is too expensive and I do not know if it is because of this that the consultant treated me diffferently. After she has done the facial for me, she will tell me it is done and just left the room without helping me up and massage my back. I have to pull myself up and find my way out. And at the counter, I saw a cup of tea there, I know it should be for me but I dare not drink it as I scared maybe it is for other people. The consultant who attended my facial was nowhere to be seen and there are 2 girls seated at the counter, they also cant be bothered to tell me if the tea is for me so I just left without drinking it.
After finishing the whole course with Jean Yip, I sign a similar facial package with another beauty salon and from there I can see the services are far better then Jean Yip's. They will not ask us to buy any products, and they also do the extraction of oilseeds for my face. After that they will put a cotton pad, which I think they have put some solution on it to heal the wound. They will put it on for a while then remove before doing the massaging so I dont feel any pain during the massaging, and after the facial, I dont see any ugly spots on my face. They will help me up and massage my shoulder and back after the facial. Jean Yip's services is uncomparable with others so hope they will look into this seriously before their name's been tarnished by black sheeps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for sharing your experience.

Luckily I saw all these feedbacks before I go to jean yip and get more bad service as I had just received thru the phone.

It was only a 4 minutes conversation with Alex from Jean yip PS outlet. I was shocked to find myself being rant at for asking some detail on the rates and packages stuff.

omg.. can't image wat kind of trauma I could have gone thru for being a first time customer and like most who think that JEAN YIP are of a certain good quality and provide professional service.

XiaoJi said...

i hav been at jean yip salon for 4 yrs plus, and i dun tink there any problem tat i encounted til now, and the sevice there is exllent, eventually i was sittin right beside tis cust tat complain abt tis issuse. it is u tat is creatin the trouble and u tink u cant affort for the price tat given u, u might as well go to the neighbour salon to hav ur haircut.

Anonymous said...

hey ppl, tink back, y jean yip salon ppl do tis kind of ting??tink back, do they doin their job by changin the right pice or they just anyhow to giv any price to us??tink it carefully, they r oso a worker like everyone, even jean yip, so stop complainin when u r not thinkin the issuse carefully!!tink it again, r we the hairdresser??if u r den y dun u cut ur own hair and doin ursef wif everything tat u wan and dun step in at any salon, hairdresser tat r given to us hav the right to let us noe whether is the hairstyle suit us anot, not just tat we wan wat oso can get the right hairstyle we wan!!seriously i hav been trustin jean yip salon at causeway point, cos they wont anyhow giv faces and everyone of them is friendly, look carefully ard them and try to get noe of them and u wil be likin to join wif them..reali, is great to be at a salon tat they dun treat us as cust but FRIEND!!

Marc said...

Xiaoji aka Anonymous, firstly, whats with the bad English? Secondly, why post TWO comments when you are the same person? Trying to make it look like there are a lot of Jean Yip supporters?

How I found out? Look at the spelling of your words, the vocab, grammar, and style, any blind person can tell its the same person writing the TWO comments. Also, there is something call IP-Address.

Well, from the above many comments, we can tell that Jean Yip really sucks, and this is a personal experience.

If you like Jean Yip, then go get your ugly hair cut there.

Similiarly, this is MY blog, if you don't like the content, YOU CAN LEAVE!

Pandora1927 said...

Oh man, i wish i've seen this blogsite before i get myself involved with JY.

However, this is something i must share before others get themselves involve with JY too.

A week and a half ago, i went to JY CausewayPoint with the intention to have my permed hair trimmed by a professional. I walked in, told to grab a seat and a hairdresser came. His name was Jason Lim. He advised me against it as i "will lose my curls", that's according to him. Initially, i insisted. Because it's quite puzzling that a hairdresser is telling me NOT to trim my (quite) seriously damaged ends.

"All u need is actually scalp treatment", was what he recommended. I told him i don't have much time, just about an hour and he convincingly told me not to worry. I'll be done in 45mins since it's only gonna be a TRIAL.

And then another hairdresser came, Jenny, all busy preparing the hair mask for me (by this time Jason was elsewhere). I asked her how much it'll cost but she didn't reply me. Being the (naturally) good natured person i am, i thought she couldn't hear me and i didn't persist. So i glanced at the board outside and saw the price of $68 or $88 (if memory serves me well) for the treatment.

So after almost an hour of washing, mask applying on my hair and washing again and being put under this cooling-effect thing for my hair, i was almost done.

I quickly took out my card and told them to charge it quickly before my boyfriend comes in. He hates it when i spend so much. So i was told to sign and with the amount of $68-88 imprinted in my memory, i signed for it without checking the final amount. My mistake. And then just like a character from Halloween, Jason appeared from nowhere trying to sell me a package which i politely refused. In his package, he said if i come back within the next 2 days, i'll be able to enjoy their package at a discounted price. I refused. And then the boyfriend came in and we left.

Problem comes in when a week later when i was emptying my wallet that i saw the receipt that i signed for was for a ridiculous amount of $248 for 45mins of nothing!! On the receipt, i was given TWO packets of hair mask which i clearly remember i was given one.

When i called their branch, they told me i'm supposed to half the packet and that's 2! And over the phone, Jason told me that he explained to me on that day how much i'll be paying, what the treatment process is like and all those details. I insisted that i was only put on trial for the treatment. He insisted otherwise.

Along came Serena (yes, the same serena that was mentioned earlier by someone) who took over the call. She directed me to the website to leave my feedback and i told her it's not a feedback already, it's a COMPLAIN. She didn't understand that and still insisted i check the website.

And then she told me she can only get back to me tomorrow after 4.30pm because
1) the girl Jenny is not around to confirm 'my story' and
2) their Branch Manager Alex will only be available after 4.30pm.

Time check, it was 6.30pm when i called. So i insisted i speak to the manager since it's after 4.30pm. Serena simply said, he was not around as he had to attend to 'other cases'. I'm not surprised if it's another complain like mine.

This to me is by far the most disgusting service rendered to me in more than 2 decades of my life and I will not hesitate to bring this to the press should they fail to get back to me by 4.30pm tomorrow (29/12/09). It's just a complete rip off. They couldn't even explain to me why $248 was charged to me. It's absolute insanity to be paying almost $300 for a 45 mins service that still left my hair the same as i walked in.

I've since gone to another salon to have my hair trimmed. And what Jason told me about losing my curls if i trim my hair, didn't come true.

Marc said...

Pandora1927, I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience.

As mentioned in my blog, both Serena and Alex has provided poor service to many customers, and they will continue to do so, if they continue to work for JY.

Well, I rather they STAY IN JEAN YIP, so they don't pass the poor service standards to other hair salons.


Lanzelot said...

After reading all this, I think I've wasted my time...
Nevertheless, since it's written, I might as well share it...

Dear Steven,

Details of Service Lapse
I was told that my usual hair-stylist (Mr Kenneth Tan) had been posted to the AMK branch and was politely asked if I would like to get someone else to help me instead.
Having being told that Mr Kenneth will only be away temporarily, I proceed in and Miss Silver was assigned to attend to me.
When I was approached by Miss Silver, I had the impression that she was a customer because her hair was wrapped in a towel and was clearly ready for a hair steaming session for herself.
She quickly proceeded to get her equipment ready for a hair cut after a brief confirmation that I needed a hair cut.
I had to stop her to tell her that I also needed hair colouring.
I took some time to give her some background on my nature of work and the range of acceptable colour tones that she could choose for me.
I also highlighting that my hair is course and tends to be a little resistive to hair colours.

After a quick trimming was done without consulting me for any particular hairstyle that I may want. Subsequently the hair colour was applied and the orbital heater was switched on to activate the colour reagents. She quickly proceeded to the dressing table behind me while another college tended to her hair.

During the colour treatment, no one came forward to check the intensity of the colour treatement even after the timer on the orbital heater sounded.
Miss Silver was clearly visible from my mirror, so was 2 other stylists. A Chinese male stylist was tending to Miss Silver's hair while another Malay male stylist was sitting beside them, sleeping with a towel over his face.
When Miss Silver was done with her hair, she spent another 10 minutes at her mirror, adjusting her hair and chatting with her college.
As the only customer at that time, it made me feel like a fool sitting there while there were at least 5 staff members in the salon who could at least check if the customer was alright.
I was seated with the orbital heater for at least 50minutes before I was finally told to proceed for rinsing. The resulting hair colour was clearly over-treated.

While Miss Silver was rinsing away the hair dye, a considerable amount of water was gushed down my back from the nape.
My grey jacket was all wet and a huge wet patch was clearly visible from behind. Nothing was done to dry it or check on any possible stains.
When I proceeded to the counter for payment, it was evident that the rest of the staff were staring at my back and hinting to each other. Two of them actually walked behind me to take a peek at the wet patch but no action was taken, and they hoped that I would just walk away, which I did after settling the payment.

Service recovery at Causeway Point
I proceeded straight to Causeway Point Branch with the wet jacket and had a conversation with Mr Jason Lim.
At this juncture, I would like to commend Mr Jason for being very professional at handling the issue.
He brought me to a small discussion room to explain the various protocols for service lapses and what are the remedies that a customer is entitled to. He even offered to help dry my wet jacket with a hair dryer. I really appreciate his help for noting down my feedback as well as directing me to you for further investigation.

Summary on Customer Demands
The services rendered at SSC branch was utterly dissapointing due to the poor services rendered and the evident lack of professional image portrayed by some of the staff members at SSC branch.
I need a clear explaination on the actions that will be taken to ensure service quality at all Jean Yip outlets based on such incidents.
I think it is a reasonable request and I hope you will accede to my request.

Thank you for the time, I trust that you will take the matter seriously. I shall await your response.


Marc said...

Lanzelot, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Sad to say, you might not get a reply frfom Jean Yip, so don't bother.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for sharing.. totally agree it is the principle that matters, not the $$$..

I have not been to any JY salon so far and after reading all these.. I can strike them off liao...

Just curious did anyone from JY reply to that forum post..

Marc said...

Anonymous, nope, no one replied to that forum post, no one replied to my official complaint, no one replied on this blog post as well. JY has poor management, period.

Joan said...

I visited one of Jean Yip salons in Tampines last Sunday, 9th of May 2010 to avail of their rebonding services. Their staff always kept recommending throughout the whole session for me to avail more of their other services. My initial plan was only to avail of the promotion I read on the newspaper (S$188.00) for hair rebonding but then since their staff kept recommending more and more services, my bill reached to S$721.00 as I said yes to other services they recommended explaining that I badly need it for my hair such as scalp treatment and
silk treatment. I also availed the hair color and haircut. When I was about to pay the S$721.00, they offered me a package worth S$2,970.00 which I politely refused.

Then they calculated and offered another package worth 1,000 to almost 2,000 then I said no again politely explaining that I will have to think about it first or consider or avail of it next time.

Still they continued to push saying that the package is only for that time I visited the salon. They kept calculating for deals that they could offer me. In the end, they offered me the S$1,200 package saying that it is already the cheapest they could offer. I still said no but they insisted saying that they can still void my first payment of S$721.00 if I upgrade to the package of 1,200 and they will do me a favor of arranging to have it paid in 6 monthly installments when initially they said that I could not avail of instalment basis if my total bill is below S$2,000. I wasn't able to say no already because I got intimidated by their staff (about three of them) gathered at the reception counter and I even heard the other one saying "wasted" since I already paid the S$721 why not upgrade to the package. As I cannot say no to the consistent and insistent pushing and pressing of their staff, I just said yes to my dissatisfaction as they wouldn’t consider my reason of "I will still have to think about it."

When I already paid for the package, still another staff continued to sell, "Do you have any shampoo or repair cream? What brand do you use?

There should be remedies to minimise their staff to do hard selling and upselling of their products and services. There must be a way for the government agency concerned to regulate this type of behavior or practice in the spa industry. There must be a way to address this. The consistent and insistent pushing by them would intimidate the clients/customers and thus will be forced to buy the product or service as we are left with no choice but to submit to their pushings and even if we say no, they will feel disappointed. I hope that this concern will be addressed as even until now I am not at peace with the unnecessary S$1,2000 package I took just for my hair.

I was even planning to recommend the salon to my friends as I believe it is a leading brand in Singapore but after this unforgettable and unsatisfactory experience, I have to warn them to prevent the recurrence of this same event in future.

Marc said...

Joan, tell this to all your friends! Ban Jean Yip!

wendy said...

Can i have the email address of Dawn? i have a very unhappiness experience at Jean Yip. I will like to feedback to her. Can you give the email address and contact number of Dawn?


Marc said...

Wendy, I am afraid I do not have her email address. If you had read my post, the staffs at JY refused to provide me with any email address.

You just have to call and ask them to put her to you.

But, chances are, after you speak with her, she is not going to get back to you, because their management sucks!

Unsatisfactory Customer said...

Tittle:"Very Stressful Experince when cutting hair at Jean Yip."

I think Jean Yip's hard selling technique is just unacceptable, just like some MLM or Insurance agents...Wht they care are to dig as much money as possible from you, earn their commission,hit their target, that's all.but bad thing is you cant just walk away from them while they are pestering you to buy their product,bcos you are in the midst of cutting hair..then they will explain to you like you going to drop all your hair very soon if you are not doing the hair treatment or using their products.Think they are trained and very good at it, then they keep on doing that eventhough u already said"NO" to them, they will start to introduce the another package,start from the most expensive 1,then slowly pestering you,keep on saying how bad and how bad your hair is..haiz..so stressful when you are cutting your hair there.,make my hair drop more sia...for those who have experience or may have on that,my advise is just said "NO" "NO" "NO" to them, eventhough is very obvious that you hair condition is really bad..i believe that they are a lot of better service salon in Singapore!
Finally ,last word to Jean Yip: "Word of mouth can either make or break a business." Think of the good service that you have been provided when you have only one shop,attracted a lot of loyal customers at tat time that making you successful, dont ruin it, if this kind bad service cont...sooner or later you will be back to one shop or no shop again..Thank you.

Marc said...

Unsatisfactory Customer

Thanks for leaving a comment. Lets tell all our friends and relatives how bad Jean Yip is, and to stop giving them our businesses. Ask your friends to leave their bad experiences here, so more people can know how poor their service is before paying them a visit.

I believe in word of mouth, and thanks to everyone, this post of mine is on page one, when you Google Jean Yip. I hope more people can know about our experiences, so they won't have to go through what we went through.

Anonymous said...

A mommy writes - my 2 emails got bounced back yday. I'm not happy with their hard selling and instilling fear in my daughter. She paid $$$ for haircut n treatment cos stylist said she is balding etc etc
My daughter vowed she will never step into JY again ;(

Anonymous said...

their brow trimming service is bullcrap as well. instead of plucking, the beautician used a brow razor and shaved off the excess brow hair. this will cause hairs to grow back really swiftly. she did not even listen to what i had in mind ( i wanted slightly arched brows which arent too thin ) and she just said 'i pluck your natural shape la!' before proceeding. upon finishing, my brows were uneven and when i raised this up, she simply said 'no la is okay! can ah! ' and walked out the room.

bloody hell. zz

Anonymous said...

I had a wasted trip to Jean yip's at Vivo City.Went there to do eyebrow threading and a young lady attended to me.She was friendly, but I wasn't satisfied when she finished,I took a look and my eyebrows shape was ruined and badly done.=( It costed me $18 for this kind of bad service!
I asked her If it was her first time and she said no.I won't be stepping into any of Jean yip's salons ever again.

Anonymous said...

If they suck so bad, how the hell did they get
* Singapore Super Brands Award (2002)
* Reader Digest Trusted Brand:
Platinum Award (2009)

Plus they are ISO 9001(2002) certified too!

Company is obviously making lots of money given that they sponsor so many events on radio and tv.

Anonymous said...

I went to jean yip (causeway point) to do hair rebonding few days back. Even before I washed my hair on second day, I can see the natural waves back again. When I went back to complain, the stylist said the chemical used was not suitable for my hair. This is an indication of poor skills as I am actually on a package and have been to the same salon many times before. This is the second time that they have to redo rebonding for my hair. Certainly will not renewed my package when it ends!

Xun said...

Personal Experience at Jean Yip for facials...

I had a very severe skin condition few years back due to outbreaks of pimples.. I saw the promotion for Jean Yip at Mypaper, and decided to go for it, since it's only $10for a trial, for new customer.

I was called up few days later, and fixed an appointment with them for my first facial. The beautician simply squeeze the pus out of my infected pimples (Which hurts really badly), clean them, applied this machine called the demasonic *said to aid in skin renewal*, and applied mask.

The beautician then introduced some packages which she said i MUST applied for, since my condition was really bad.. I went for one that cost $1880 for 10 sessions, thinking that it could really help in my skin condition.
I was also persuaded in buying some of their beauty products, which cost about $100 each. I bought about 5 to 6 bottles.

After each session, I was left with very big and red spots every time i was done, and i could sometimes feel them swollen. >< They did not really healed even after about 5 - 6 sessions.

Eventually, i stopped visiting Jean Yip as i was introduced to this clinic called "Maple" by my friend. They provided some lotions, which actually healed my face and reduce outbreaks tremendously. My face was healing in 1 - 2 months' time, which was far more effective than those beauty products Jean Yips offered.

Since I had a few sessions left, i went back to Jean Yip to 'clear' them. The beautician was really surprise by the condition of my skin and i honestly told her that i went for the treatment at Maple. She actually said that it was only temporary and superficial, and i have to continue using their package so that i can heal from the inside. >< However, i decided i dont have to continue using their services anymore, since my skin was alright already, and their packages are so expensive.. Like about $1800 plus.

I kept my last session till last week, (which was 1 year later from my previous session). Their usual practice was that they will sit down with you and start to introduce some other package they can offer. When i politely refuse at first, the beautician brought up other offers, like giving in free product credits, free ampoules *Said to be $688 per box, and add in extra sessions, etc. When i finally explain that i find the package too expensive, and was ready to leave, she actually brought her manager along, and both started to introduce some other packages they can offer.. (Super intensive hard selling hur??!)

They even took some offer flyers and gave me offers which they mentioned i wasn't entitled to initially, since they are valid for new customer only. Eventually, i gave in, spending $700 plus for a package, which was actually the cheapest among all, with the best benefits.

And yes, i'll definitely STOP after the last session for this package.. Maybe i'll just give reasons like i had signed packages with other beauty salons and see their reactions.. ><

In brief: Some of their products are quite effective, and the facials are quite comfortable. Some packages also tagged along with body massages and good for days you wish to pamper yourself.

Downside: Be prepared for hard selling of packages and products!!! They are very desperate of sales i guess.

Marc said...

So Jean Yip not only sucks in service, they also hard sell.

Anonymous said...

Jean yip slip short in facial extraction that they do less than 5 min cleanser only put half of the face mask also. Overall, bad experience! Jean Yip hard sell and force customer to sign package! Any jean yip outlet don't step in! Liar! Waste my money the whole extraction and mask I also can do my own.

Anonymous said...

The tampines 1 outlets facial therapist is not good in anyway I can even throw my money into the drain than spend on the facial that is at such low grade. The way that they do facial for other is just touching your face and not facial for you.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Jeanyip sucks, went to jeanyip white sands to complete my remaining 4 sessions ended up paying additional $3900+ for upgraded package to add another 2 sessions. Complaint to CASE but futile, just a toothless tiger. Pressured sales, hard tactics selling and unfair practice will widespread if not rein. Hell to the consumers!!!

Marc said...

Anonymous, you should try calling TNP to share your news. Or publishing your story with The Real Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I went to Jean Yip Tiong Bahru outlet yesterday (18/01/15) to redeem the 50% off any regular hair service (which I received from StarHub). I had already made a call 2 days before and asked about the price of hair rebonding and if I could use the 50% for the hair rebonding. The staff on the phone told me that the hair rebonding was $188, so after 50% discount, the price should only be $94. When I went to the salon, I informed her that I just wanted to do hair rebonding. And the receptionist still told me that the price would only be $94. But after the hairstylist started doing the hair rebonding, she asked if I wanted to apply some lotion as my hair was a bit dry. I said ok and thought that it was already included together in the hair rebonding package. Only towards the end, she told me that she would charge extra $88 for the lotion. I argued with the hair stylist and told her that she should have informed me of the extra charge before I agreed. (Other salons would have given this price info to their customers beforehand). After the argument was over, I felt that the hair stylist didn't give me full service of hair rebonding (less than $188 worth). She just used hair straightener to straighten my hair..WTH! I could do this on my own at home okay? Just because I paid half price of $94, did I deserve half service? What kind of service and birthday treat was this? No courtesy to the customer at all! After the argument was over, she finally asked me not to pay the extra $88 but asked me if I wanted to have haircut. I asked if I would pay extra for the haircut. She ignored my question and didn't inform me the haircut price. Afterwards, she did a little bit of haircut and just added an additional price of $38 (for the haircut) to my bill. I was tired of arguing with her and ended up paying $94 + $38. This was the worst birthday treat ever! I would not ever step into this hideous salon anymore in my life!! By sharing this experience, I really hope that other customers will not be cheated like me.

Crystal Lim said...

Can i share go my fb

Marc said...

Crystal, please go ahead. Thanks.

Light of Life said...

I had a very bad experience with jean yip too..i went in just to do haircut but was coaxed to do scalp treatment. After the treatment i was shocked to see the bill wjich amounted to 269++. I was not informed of the price of the treatment before that. Anyway i just went ahead to pay for it. But they forced me to sign a 6k++ package which i declined. They were very rude n very pushy. They will not let me go without me signing a package. Then they forced me to sign a 4k++ paackage. I really did not want to sign but the were very very aggresive n i finally purchased the package. I regretted it soo much. The treatment was not good. My hair felt so dry after every session. After ten sessions my hair condition did not improve at all. The hairdresser told me its because my hair is too badly damaged not because their treatment did not work. Im now left with five more sesions but i have decided to stop going. Because the treatment made my hair very dry. Most importantly i cannot put my hair on the hands of these dishonest people anymore. Im actually very disgusted by their behaviour. The branch i went to is in tempines. Please be careful with jean yip guys. They will find all means to cheat your money

John Chew said...

I got jean yip nos

Anonymous said...

Jean Yip is nothing but a big-time cheat. I went to their hairsalon at Hougang Mall in March 2016. I asked at the counter how much the haircut would be. They said $28. When it came to paying, the hair dresser insisted on $30. When I asked why, he claimed that I had picked the hairdresser. When I visited, there were only two hairdressers - one was playing with his mobile, and the other one was cutting hair. I asked for the one who was cutting hair.

What a bum he turned out to be. After cutting my hair, instead of washing my hair he started using a hair dryer to blow it off of me. What a moron!

The previous time I visited Jean Yip was in 2000 at the outlet in Bishan. Was cheated by some bald guy with glasses. Told myself I would never set foot into one of their outlets again.

Wanted to give them a second chance after more than 15 years. But they have not changed. I think they should be run out of business!

Enny tio said...

I also victim from indonesia

Enny tio said...

I also victim from indonesia

jowind777 said...

I just got ripped off by Jean Yip Group too. I paid SGD $900 fora box of ampoules, which I later discovered was only SGD 258 offered by another customer.

Marc said...

Go and complain to CASE

Marc said...

Go and complain to CASE

Dr.N said...

Hi today I went to JY compass one branch . First of all I called them twice to book and confirm my appointment but when I went there the receptionist told me that my name is not there .. I said what ?? Check properly I called u twice ?? .she checked properly n then said ok ok yes it is there . I purchased their promotion on fave 68$ for hair color , scalp therapy and cut ( very cheap for them). The female hairstylist saw my hair and freaked out . My hair are too Long . She called another girl to see my hair . I told her that I have done rebonding also on my hair so don’t bleach please . She said ok ok . And then she just checked a little bit and said we can’t do your hair color because you have lice . I said what ?? Then she showed me dandruff particles and said these are lice eggs?? I said are you out of your mind ?? This is not lice and I don’t have lice ever in my head . Don’t you know the difference between lice and dandruff do you think I’m insane n don’t know anything ? She said no it is there .. I said ok then check my whole scalp and find me one lice n show me I’ll walk away myself . She said no I can’t find one .. but you have ... I said are you crazy or what ?? U don’t want to handle my Long hair because it will take a lot of time and hard work that you cannot do in this little cheap promotion so you are making silly excuses to make me go away ?? U people are so not customer friendly u guys are wasting our precious time ! Then she called her senior stylist that guy started telling me all wrong dermatology things . I told him please don’t misguide me as im a doctor and done work in derma department myself . Then he became quiet and said sorry . But they were so lousy that they dint give me any service and said please refund your voucher . Shame on you guys for such unprofessionalism . I will not be going again to this salon ever such a waste of my time ! You should not be giving promotions any more because it’s not ur thing sorry!