25 April 2009

Advertlets attempted to cheat me again!

**Updates 25 April 2009
Today I received another email from Jess, and she replied me that she has credited the money which was owed to me. A check into my account, indeed it was credited. I have thus "cashed out" my earnings, and it says there I will receive the cheque in 30-45 days. Well, lets see.


Today I received an email from Advertlets, saying I have been selected to do a write up.... blah blah blah....

I seriously can't be bothered with them anymore, after they cheated me of my time to do up a post for them the last time and I didn't get paid!

They think I am stupid or what?

When I read the email, I immediately clicked on "Reply" and replied Jess Ong, who sent me the email.

(Click to enlarge to read letter from Jess Ong of Advertlets)

(Click to enlarge to read my reply to Advertlets)

I think I am being very nice with such a reply already!

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spBlogger said...

You are not the first and won't be the last if Advertlets still on. ^_^"

Marc said...

sp, lets see how long they can last, with such unethical ways.