14 April 2009

My Nice Neighbour...

I didn't know my (one) neighbour is so nice, until today.

(Of course I have got two really great friends in my block Da and Clarence - by neighbour, I really just mean my level.)

I was happily watching variety show at 8pm, when I heard a knock on my door.

Thinking it was some door-to-door salesman, I dragged myself to the door.

When I opened the door, the lady who stood at the door was an unfamiliar face, but she quickly identified herself as my neighbour.

She: Hi, I am your neighbour from that unit. (Pointing to the parallel unit)

Me: Hi, whats up?

She: Oh, I just wanted to inform you that this Saturday I will be having a party at my place, so it will be pretty noisy. Is this ok with you?

Me: (In my mind: Do I have a choice?) Sure, no problem at all. :)

She: Thanks a lot, do you want to join us as well?

Me: Oh its ok, enjoy yourselves.

She: Thanks again.

Me: Thanks for informing.

I think its really nice of her to inform me that there will be NOISE this Saturday, so at least I will be prepared. And its also nice of her to offer me to join in la, seriously how many neighbours these days will do that? For one, I am not the sociable type of neighbours who will smile at everyone in the neighbourhood.

Hmm... at least now I know who stays opposite me, and this has definitely broken the ice, and the next time if I do bump into her, it won't be so awkward anymore.

I shall take the initiative to introduce myself the next time we see each other.


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eneres said...

tats really cool! how old is ya neighbour? hehe

Marc said...

eneres, erm, i never ask for her age la, but she looks like late twenties... LOL

Takashi said...

I only know the neighbour who lives directly opposite mine, our doors are like one arm's length away, and i know them cos the seniors are pretty busybody people :)