20 April 2009

We will miss you, Patrick & Pauline!

It was Pauline and Patrick's farewell party at Albert's place. No Chivas. Just lots of Vodka, Absolut Mango to be exact.

Its party time!

There are 4 nationalities here, can you guess which 4?

The "Original" group.

Pau and Ronald

Patrick toasting to his business success in Philippines.

Group Pic

Ernest and Pau.


Didn't manage to take a lot of pictures, since it was their last day with us, we spent most of our time chatting, quality time, that is.

Really miss them.

I guess, like what someone famous once said:
"Friends come and go all the time, so as long as you've once gone through a short journey together, it doesn't have to be eternal."

Nah, I made that up, I said it.

Good luck to your business(es)!!!

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Xie Bin said...

haha! thanks marc! have a good week too yah! :D

Marc said...

Xie Bin, thanks.

CWKen said...

thx for dropping by!:) sry I had to drop my comment here as you dont have a chatbox. U too have a great week ahead :)

Marc said...

CWKen, same to u!