31 May 2010

Bali Day Two

Woke up to a satisfying breakfast. Thanks to our in-house chef.

After breakfast, we went sight-seeing / shopping.

Lisel and I

Jerry, Lynn and Cassie. Throughout the 4 days, we were "mini-coach-buddies"

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali.

Beautiful art pieces

Jerry monkeying around, literally!

Lots of coconuts!

Joanna and her daily dose of coffee.

This Chitato Potato Chips got Joanna and I addicted, because its delicious.
Too bad they don't sell this brand of chips in Singapore.

Conveniece Store

Billabong boutiques are all over Bali.
Please beware of those Pasar Malan shops selling beach shorts.
Albert, Jerry and I bought one of those and realised it was "Ballibong" when we reached our villa.

Polo Ralph Lauren. Sorry but I am skeptical if these are real.

A bat on display.

Beautiful, isn't it?

That is the temple.

The ladies enjoying their Coconut Juice.

After several hours spent at the Tanah Lot Temple area, we went to Kuta.

On the way there, we saw these beautiful artifacts!

Time for lunch...

Traffic Jam

Feels like Bangkok.

This shop, Papiya, sells accessories at wholesale prices.

We were brought to this "Spa" by our chauffeur, and all of us left unhappy.
The masseurs are lacking in their massaging skills!

Dinner time

Throughout the 4D3N in Bali, I ate Banana Fritters with Ice-cream in every meal.
Yes, I am a glutton.
Somehow the Banana Fritters in Bali taste extremely yummy!

They sell this everywhere.

Yes, its a bottle opener.

The night scene in Bali is very laid back and relaxing.

Lisel having her hair washed, while Lynn and Cassie had a pedicure.

This horse is so poor thing, it looks tired, and his eyes are covered, so he can only walk blindly.

Sun set.

End of Day 2.