09 May 2010

Pepper Lunch

Been hearing from friends how great Pepper Lunch is, so one fine day, I decided to give it a try.

Went with good friends Josh and Dorina.

Black Sesame Ice-Cream - Nice, the Black Sesame goes extremely well with the Vanilla Ice-cream

Now, the main course.
Normal. I didn't really like it. The meat doesn't taste like its marinated or anything, its just pepper, pepper and pepper.
Yes I know its "Pepper" Lunch, but I am sure there can be better seasoning right?

Its such a hassle to pay so much for a meal and I have to fry the rice myself.

Overall I give this meal a 3/10. Definitely not going to eat Pepper Lunch again.
If anything, maybe just for the Ice-cream.
But no, I will not dine in, because I cannot stand the poor ventilation. (as bad as Seoul Garden!)

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