26 May 2010

红星大奖 at Resorts World Sentosa

Got tickets to the Star Awards 2010. This time round, I went with Joanna, Serene and Penny.

Actually after I attended last year's Star Awards, I wasn't very keen to attend again this year. But since it was in a different venue, and since I have not been to Resorts World Sentosa, I decided to go afterall.

Walked around since we were early.

First Victoria Secret Store in Asia.

Had light dinner at Toast Box / Bread Talk.

The Bread Talk here sells extremely novel cakes and patries.
So appropriate, since we are in the heart of the Casino! HUAT ah!

We arrived at the Convention Centre, and waited for another hour, before we were ushered into the hall!

JJ Lin Junjie's fans! Boy, they were really loud throughout the show.
The loudest Fan Group, to be precise.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
Start of the show.

And the cheering never stops.

JJ's live performance gave me goosebumps!
His voice is crystal clear!

Joanna and I took a pic during commercial break.

Top 10 male artistes. Quality is bad because its iPhone lah!
I didn't bring camera this year because last year there was this very strict and on-the-ball usher-auntie, who came over and stopped me whenever I whipped my camera out.
On the contrary, this year everyone was allowed to take pictures!!! Haiz...

After I attended two Star Awards "live", I concluded that watching Star Awards at the comfort of my own home / bed would be a better choice. I believe Serene will agree!

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