25 February 2009

Sarah's Birthday Party @ Honey Pub (Part 2)

Sarah forced to give a birthday speech

Sarah's friend singing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

Sarah, Krin and a waitress attempting to dance sexily

Sarah's friend singing Celine Dion's "The Power Of Love"

See all the photos in http://pseudo-marc.blogspot.com/2009/02/sarahs-birthday-party-honey-pub-part-1.html

24 February 2009

Thanks to spammers jav, jack and shaun!

LOL, today my traffic is extraordinarily high due to some childish-school-drop-out-spammers!

Really don't know who they are, which malodorous womb they were excreted from, but their names are jav, jack and shaun.

For no apparent reason, they started leaving rude comments without leaving their URL.

Lucky for me, there is a function in blogger where we can moderate rotten comments.

Too bad for them, I will conveniently delete all of such insignificant comments as they are not worth my time.

PS: names have not been changed as they are too unimportant for me to conceal their identities.

PS/PS: names of these spammers don't begin with CAPITAL letters as I cannot confirm whether they are human beings or non living things at time of publishing this post.

22 February 2009

Sarah's Birthday Party @ Honey Pub (Part 1)

Sarah celebrated her birthday by booking the entire Honey Pub located at Boat Quay. She had opened more than 10 Canon Martell and Chivas for her birthday party. Not sure how much Eddie spent all in all, but I know he spent a bomb, considering per canon is about $700! You do the math yourself!

Canon Chivas

Canon Martell

Beautiful lights

Chinese New Year decor


We were the first group to reach.

Jason was so bored because one hour after we reached, Sarah the birthday girl hasn't arrived! Not to mention, none of her friends arrived too.

Eunice playing games on her iPhone

Finally the birthday girl arrived!

As you can see, the place is a little smoky now as everyone started smoking in the pub. No, we did not break the law, the reason why we could smoke in the pub was because since she had booked the entire pub, its considered a "closed door event".

Its a gathering of old friends.

Me and Yuki

Dax and Yuki

Sarah playing Five-Ten

"Yeah I lost, I get to drink!"

Sarah with Daven

"Darling, I tell you a secret."

Eddie listening attentively to Sarah.

Sarah blowing the candles.

Sarah cutting the cake.

Eddie presenting his present for Sarah.

Sarah happily opening it up.

Its a "five piece set" from Soo Kee. Lucky Sarah!

1st item - Diamond Necklace

2nd item - Diamond Ring

3rd item - Bracelet

4th and 5th items - Diamond Earrings

Awww.... so sweet. Everyone looking in envy.

"Cut for me"

Unfortunately, no one got to eat this lovely cake from TCC as the whole cake was dirtied with "snow flakes" sprayed all over the pub, in an attempt to sabo Sarah.

Eddie giving a speech to his guests.

Everyone giving a toast to Sarah.

Bottoms up!

Sarah's guests demanded she gave a birthday speech.

Sarah was so shy, she was speechless.

Eddie and Sarah

Back to entertain her guests

Mingling time.

Joshua and Eunice

Ah Da

Sarah's friend, who happened to be Eunice's classmate too. Small world.

Jason a little tipsy, as usual.... LOL

Sarah's group of China staffs.

Yun playing pool.

Caught you.


Sarah and Krin.

Daven puffing away.

Doing a sexy dance.

Is Daven tipsy or what? Or is there gold on the floor?

He finally looked up!

Krin asking people to dance wth her.

Sarah and her friends.

Sarah and Val, an ex waitress of Honey Pub.

The whole night was all about drinking, drinking and more drinking.

As mentioned, there were lots of booze, too much in fact.

Most of the guests left around 3 plus. But us, being Eddie and Sarah's good friends, stayed with them till about 6am.

Towards the end, there was only Daven, me and a few friends left.
Well, Eddie and Sarah were the last to leave my birthday party the other time (8am), thus the least I could do was to reciprocate.

Luckily Daven volunteered to send me home, so not so bad. I enjoyed catching up with Daven (happens to be my army pal and Jason's long time buddy).

When will all of us meet again? Maybe Yun's birthday party which is a few months time!

Looking forward!!!