15 February 2009

Another Board-Gaming Session at The Mind Cafe

This time, we visited The Mind Cafe at Bugis, instead of the usual one at Boat Quay. Its disappointing, as the Bugis outlet is much smaller, not as cosy as the BQ branch, and the variety of games on the shelf is not as wide as BQ.

Guess next time we will resume board-gaming at BQ.

Unlike the Boat Quay branch which has 3 levels of space, this one at Bugis is small. I am at the first table, and this is my view...

Their new menu is so creative. It looks like a newspaper...

The left-overs from Christmas.

Some of the games featured on the walls

Pictures of other gamers having fun!

Some of the games we played.

Ticket To Ride.
This is one of our favourite games, we must always play this game at least once when we visit The Mind Cafe. Its a time-consuming game, thus usually after one game of this, we will be very tired.

Not forgetting the nice, reasonably-priced food here.
Fish and Chips for me that day.

Tried this new game called "Ruin"

Been to The Mind Cafe?
If you are bored, and looking for some fun, "make it your next move"!

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Fireopal said...

how are the prices of food like ther?

Marc said...

Fire, can't remember the prices, but don't worry, they are very affordable. Like normal cafe prices.