24 February 2009

Thanks to spammers jav, jack and shaun!

LOL, today my traffic is extraordinarily high due to some childish-school-drop-out-spammers!

Really don't know who they are, which malodorous womb they were excreted from, but their names are jav, jack and shaun.

For no apparent reason, they started leaving rude comments without leaving their URL.

Lucky for me, there is a function in blogger where we can moderate rotten comments.

Too bad for them, I will conveniently delete all of such insignificant comments as they are not worth my time.

PS: names have not been changed as they are too unimportant for me to conceal their identities.

PS/PS: names of these spammers don't begin with CAPITAL letters as I cannot confirm whether they are human beings or non living things at time of publishing this post.

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Sacrafire said...

Hi there Marc.

I am very very sorry to learn that Jav has chosen you to be his way of passing his free time.

I know Jav and Shaun personally, they are my schoolmates, and I can't believe they, especially Jav, would do such things to ppl they don't even know.

He told me this morning that you posted something abt STDs and had a small flame war with you, and that it was very entertaining. He did ask me to comment as well but I refrained.

Now he tells me he's had fun flaming with you with his buddies:

Jav [Revenge of the Fallen] says:
*never messed with a 27 yr old manager
*so just doing it for the joy of it
*university graduate too...
*and his standards..

Well, I've spoken to him about it and he simply says he's very very bored today so he needed some entertainment.

Just to let you know that I don't really find his actions funny, and decided to comment here to make my point heard to him better than jst me telling him on MSN.

Marc said...

Sacrafire, thanks. Have emailed you.