05 February 2009

Office Christmas Party Part 3

Office Christmas Party Part 1
Office Christmas Party Part 2

Remember the Eating Competition? Here is a brief video clip of the participants in action!

Do you still want to eat donuts after watching this? Haha.

I think if I were to participate in a "Hainanese Chicken Rice Eating Competition", I definitely can emerge champion, but of course it must:

1) Be from my favorite stalls - namely Boon Tong Kee, Lucky Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza or Hougang Central Chicken Rice

2) Be boneless

3) Be white chicken

4) Have lots of chilli

7 Macro Voice(s):

Jas said...

Hi marc,

Happy "BIRTHDAY - 人日" to you tomorrow!


Marc said...

Jas, thanks for the greeting! Same to you!

Takashi said...

happy new year to u to.. thanks for visiting.. i was looking for somewhere to write hehe...

Basha The Czar said...

Hai friend yr blog is so impressive &

interesting. I have linked yr blog in mine. Can

you pls link me back and msg me. Waiting for yr

cute reply friend:)

Harmony said...

Hmm.. Chicken rice competition!? I'll definitely not watch cause just by watching i'll getqueasy

Marc said...

Takashi, you can write in my comments box anytime... LOL

Basha, will do,I will add you right now! And thanks or the compliment!

Harmony, why? Because its oily? Well, its one of my all time favourite food!

icer_goh said...

Hi Marc, do i know you in person?