07 February 2009

The Yellow Bird

Met D for coffee and catching up after such a long time. The last time I saw him was like one year ago. Brings back a lot of pleasant memories as we caught up with our lives. Sometimes I really wish we had never made THAT decision 2.5 years ago.

How different would it have been for us if we didn't? Could we have been happier now? Closer now than before?

We have a long suffering friendship, always getting ourselves into misunderstandings, always becoming the target of gossip-mongers.

Each time we clarify, I love this friendship more, but each time something unpleasant gets to my ear, we drift apart again.

Friends, bosses, subordinates, it seems we can't trust anyone these days..........

Its sad how someone I look up to (an ex LADY boss) can be so scheming, to plot a discord-sowing drama, just to get rid of someone from HER company. Someone I have always thought was a really nice boss, a motherly figure (though she is not that old), a trustworthy person. However, I was THOROUGHLY wrong.

She was nice superficially, a 'Mother Mary' in disguise, and a double headed snake, "Trust" probably don't exists in her dictionary.

I am glad this whole YELLOW BIRD saga is over, its bridge over troubled waters, its rainbow after the rain, a heavy rain indeed.

Those FELLOWS who were victimised, my heart goes out to you.

I have grown wiser, stronger after this.

Lets move on, with our heads up, full of expectancy of better things to come.

That one year for me , and two years for you (and many others) were traumatizing, the losses were hefty, but lets be thankful we are all now free like a bird, not a yellow bird, but an eagle, ready to soar into the skies, and conquer the world.

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Anonymous said...

i like this post of yours.

Marc said...

docras, haha, thanks...

SEDONA said...

Blog walking. Have a happy day.