28 March 2010

Botak Jones

Jason, Yun and myself met Josh and Dorina for dinner at Botak Jones before our Poker Game.

I must say I am pretty impressed with the wide selection of food on their menu.


Fortune Cookie

Steak. comes with Coleslaw and Whipped Potato

Their French Fries here is super delicious, reason being, they season the fries with Cajun Spice!!!

The food here is really value for money. So if you are looking for good food, at affordable prices, visit a Botak Jones today!!!

27 March 2010

Giant iPhone

A Giant iPhone.

26 March 2010

Lau YuSheng @ No Signboard Restaurant (Esplanade)

We were invited for a Chinese New Year lunch at No Signboard Restaurant at the Esplanade.

8-course Lunch + Yusheng (Not all the pictures of the food have been taken)

The waitress putting in the ingredients for us, and helping us say all the auspicious stuffs....



Sharksfin Soup

Herbal Steamed Prawns

Chilli Crab

Seafood Fried Rice

Bill: $688++ X 2

25 March 2010

24 March 2010

Chinese New Year Visitation

One the second day of the Lunar New Year, I paid a visit to my grandmother at my uncle's place.

My auntie Ruth, made dessert for all of us.

Cheng Teng

Wolfberry Agar Agar

23 March 2010

Thasevi Roti Prata @ Jalan Kayu

Went to Jalan Kayu for prata the other day.

In Jalan Kayu, there are a few prata stores, so please do not go to the wrong one.

Thasevi is the REAL "ORIGINAL" Jalan Kayu Prata store in Jalan Kayu.
I know, not because they claim that in their signboard, but because I have tried the pratas in all the stores, and I must say Thasevi really serves the best prata in the area.

They no longer take your orders at your table like in the past, now its all self service.

Mind you, its 2am, and its still almost full house.
The original (Plain) prata is a must try because that is what they are originally famous for.
Its crispy, though its a little small, so its definitely not filling.
And I also heard that the famous "Dinosaur Ice Milo" was invented by Thasevi.

Busy gorging down my prata, I forgot to take pictures of the prata....

22 March 2010

Generation Alpha - The Next Generation

Babies born in the next 15 years will be known as Generation Alpha.

Generation Alpha - most educated. begin schooling earlier. more tech savvy and materialistic.

Generation Z (1995-2009) - tech savvy, creative, confident and have strong work ethic.

Generation Y (1980-1994) - flighty and transient, known as the ''me now'' generation.

Generation X (1965-1979) - cynical about authority and open to new forms of spirituality, but insecure about their financial future.

Baby Boomers (1946-1964) - born in an era of financial prosperity, vocal on social issues and liberal in outlook.

Builders (1920-1945) - strong work ethic, financial conservatism and respect for authority.

So, which generation are you? I belong to Generation Y.

21 March 2010

Tong Heng Confectionary (Egg Tarts)

If you are in the vicinity of Chinatown, do visit Tong Heng Confectionary for their Egg Tarts.

I have brought at least a dozen friends to savour their Egg Tarts, and no one has ever complained.

The Egg filling melts in your mouth, and its best eaten warm.
The Egg Tarts here are so popular, they bake the tarts like every 30 mins to cater to the demand!

20 March 2010

Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant

Brought my dearest friend Irene to Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant for her birthday treat.

We went there full of anticipation for good food, but it turned out to be a disappointing visit.

Achar, pretty good, better than usual.

Thai Coconut

Chilli Padi

We ordered one sharksfin each, the price range from $19 to $59 per bowl.
I ordered the $49 per bowl one, as recommended by the Captain.
Turns out, the sharksfin isn't really that delicious.
Very "gelared" by the time you finish half a bowl.
I still prefer the sharksfin served in Chinese Restaurants....

Vermicelli with King Prawns - So so, forgetable.

Pork Ribs - Bad. The ones served in Tza Char stores, any Tze Char store in fact, are better.

Broccoli with Scallops. Well, you cannot go wrong with this dish since its just stir fried.

The bill came to about $150. Not worth it at all.
Would not recommend this restaurant to my friends.
Food not up to expectations, sharksfin's a HUGE disappointment!


I have decided to start a Facebook account after being nagged at, by many of my friends for the longest time. Please add me at marcietan81@yahoo.com.sg if you are my friend. :)

19 March 2010

Global Test Market Surveys Is Not A SCAM!

Have heard so much about the company being a Scam, that they do not pay when someone tries to cash out (like Google Adsense).

In all fairness, I did receive my cheque from them exactly 2 months after I cashed out.

So, if you were one of those who were skeptical, do give them a try, and earn some extra moolah simply by doing surveys.

One thing to forewarn though, their surveys are extremely lengthly, draggy, uninteresting and time consuming.... :P

18 March 2010

Jade Abalone

Thank you CIMB Bank.

They gave me a set of Abalone and Top Shell woth $70.

17 March 2010

Club Bubberry - Sarah's Birthday Party

Me with Krin, Sarah and Eddie

The Thai Live Band

Eddie's staffs

Joanne, her cousins and their friends

Yun, Patrick and some friends

Joanne and I

The Thai Singer

Jason and I

Yun and I

Sarah and Joanne

It struck 12, and the whole club's attention was on our area, because the singers came over and sung a birthday song specially for the birthday girl.

They made Eddie sing a song for Sarah

Happy Birthday....

Sarah had 2 cakes, one from Club Berry, one from us.

Everyone went crazy with the music

One of the thai girls, with Joanne

We partied all the way till 5am in the morning....