21 March 2010

Tong Heng Confectionary (Egg Tarts)

If you are in the vicinity of Chinatown, do visit Tong Heng Confectionary for their Egg Tarts.

I have brought at least a dozen friends to savour their Egg Tarts, and no one has ever complained.

The Egg filling melts in your mouth, and its best eaten warm.
The Egg Tarts here are so popular, they bake the tarts like every 30 mins to cater to the demand!

2 Macro Voice(s):

Irene said...

Totally agreeable that this is simply too delicious to resist!! Thanks to Marc who brought me to try them out! I'm absolutely in love with them! haha~ U wouldn't be satisfied with those bakeries'/confectionaries' type of egg tarts after eating these!!

Marc said...


you are most welcomed!