22 March 2010

Generation Alpha - The Next Generation

Babies born in the next 15 years will be known as Generation Alpha.

Generation Alpha - most educated. begin schooling earlier. more tech savvy and materialistic.

Generation Z (1995-2009) - tech savvy, creative, confident and have strong work ethic.

Generation Y (1980-1994) - flighty and transient, known as the ''me now'' generation.

Generation X (1965-1979) - cynical about authority and open to new forms of spirituality, but insecure about their financial future.

Baby Boomers (1946-1964) - born in an era of financial prosperity, vocal on social issues and liberal in outlook.

Builders (1920-1945) - strong work ethic, financial conservatism and respect for authority.

So, which generation are you? I belong to Generation Y.

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