10 March 2010

Results Out!

My exam results for last semester is out.

Considering the fact that I barely attended classes less than 5 times in total for all 3 modules(due to driving lessons and personal training), I think I am satisfied with my results. No 'As' this time, unlike previous semesters, but all Bs. :)

A huge sigh of relieve when I saw the results yesterday!!!

Now that I have cleared the major hurdle, I am just left with my last obstacle before getting that piece of paper.

I have made up my mind, come September, I will really focus on my school, other than work, because these last 3 semesters are heavily project and research based, and I will not have time to fool around. Of course gym is still in my agenda.

I have exactly 6 months to rest now.

Recharge, recharge, recharge!

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