23 March 2010

Thasevi Roti Prata @ Jalan Kayu

Went to Jalan Kayu for prata the other day.

In Jalan Kayu, there are a few prata stores, so please do not go to the wrong one.

Thasevi is the REAL "ORIGINAL" Jalan Kayu Prata store in Jalan Kayu.
I know, not because they claim that in their signboard, but because I have tried the pratas in all the stores, and I must say Thasevi really serves the best prata in the area.

They no longer take your orders at your table like in the past, now its all self service.

Mind you, its 2am, and its still almost full house.
The original (Plain) prata is a must try because that is what they are originally famous for.
Its crispy, though its a little small, so its definitely not filling.
And I also heard that the famous "Dinosaur Ice Milo" was invented by Thasevi.

Busy gorging down my prata, I forgot to take pictures of the prata....

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