28 August 2009

Fatt Soon Kueh

Dad bought me this Soon Kueh for breakfast.

Was pretty nice, though I feel its a bit too commercial, because the chilli taste weird.
The chilli is individually sealed, so quite hygienic.

I still feel the Soon Kueh at Balestier and The Arcade at Raffles Place taste better, with their home-made black sauce and chilli.

25 August 2009

信心旅行MTV (JJ林俊傑, Sun何耀珊)

Finally the MTV for this song is out!

Song composed to encourage the latest Taiwan Disaster Victims...

23 August 2009

Marco's School of Theology Graduation

Attended Marco's Bible School Graduation (City Harvest Bible Training Centre - School of Theology) at CHC.

Me, Joanne and Joseph went all the way down to the Expo to support his graduation.

After that, we headed down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for dinner at the food court, and coffee at TCC thereafter.

After coffee at TCC, we went down to George's grandmother's wake.

20 August 2009

Merkel still world's most powerful woman, Ho Ching is 5th.

NEW YORK (AFP) - - German leader Angela Merkel and businesswomen dominate Forbes magazine's new list of powerful women, while First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn't break the top 30.

Merkel headed the list, published Wednesday, for the fourth year running, with the magazine highlighting her role as leader of the huge German economy and her likely re-election in September.

Reflecting the world's focus on recession and the struggle to keep the financial markets afloat, Merkel was followed almost exclusively by businesswomen.

In second place came Sheila Bair, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, which insures US banks.

Third was Indra Nooyi, chief executive at PepsiCo, then Cynthia Carroll, the chief executive of mining giant Anglo American, and Ho Ching, chief executive at Singapore's government investment company Temasek Holdings.

Hillary Clinton slipped from 28 last year, when she was close to winning the Democratic presidential nomination to 36, despite heading the powerful US State Department.

Michelle Obama came into the list for the first time. Although she has the ear of the US president around the clock, she ranked only 40.

Below her, at 42, came Britain' Queen Elizabeth II.

Herewith the full top 10 in the list on www.forbes.com/women:

1: Angela Merkel, chancellor. Germany

2: Sheila Bair, chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. US.

3: Indra Nooyi, chief executive, PepsiCo. US.

4: Cynthia Carroll, chief executive, Anglo American. UK.

5: Ho Ching, chief executive, Temasek Holdings. Singapore

6: Irene Rosenfeld, chief executive, Kraft Foods. US.

7: Ellen Kullman, chief executive, DuPont. US.

8: Angela Braly, chief executive, WellPoint. US.

9: Anne Lauvergeon, chief executive, Areva. France

10: Lynn Elsenhans, chief executive, Sunoco. US.



This week has been the best week of my year so far!

16 August 2009

High Tea at Marriot Hotel

Met sis for high tea at Marriot Hotel today (her belated birthday meal).

For the price we paid, it wasn't exactly worth the money, because we both ate very little.

No pictures this time because I did not bring my camera along.

Food variety was so so only, not so tasty as well.

Range of dessert was fine, the usual cakes, ice-cream and pastries.

For core food, there was Teriyaki Chicken, Yakitori, Sushi, Congee, Herbal Soup, etc.

Free flow of fruits juices, Pink Guava, Calamansi and Orange Juice. The Pink Guava was good though, very concentrated, unlike the usual Hotel Breakfast ones.

All in all, I paid about $72 for sis and myself, after 15% discount given for my UOB Platinum Card.

Other credit card discounts:
HSBC - 10%
UOB Generic - 10%

After the high-tea, sis and I concluded that would be the last time we would have high-tea or buffet, because we really do NOT have appetite big enough for such. Maybe lounge around in a hotel cafe with cakes and coffee/tea will be more suitable for us.

I think I have grown old, because I used to be such a big eater, and I could go on and on with many helpings in a buffet.

But then again, that was like 8 years ago...

15 August 2009

Orphan: There's something Wrong With Esther

Caught this movie last night with 9 friends.

After the movie, we couldn't stop discussing the movie, and IMO, its one of the best horror movie in recent times. (maybe because I haven't watched a lot of horror movies, LOL.)

The storyline kept me to the edge of the seat, and evoke my emotions throughout the movie. There isn't one moment where I was emotionless. I tell you, I was so agitated with the husband John and was literally cursing him when he didn't believed anything the wife explained.

This is a movie definitely worth watching because actress Isabelle Fuhrman has done an extremely good job, portraying an evil 9 year-old kid call Esther.

She has a secret, an extremely dark secret, and I shan't elaborate anymore, otherwise I'm gonna spoil it for you!

14 August 2009

Facebook makes (DUMB) people lose their jobs!

You may be one of those Facebook addicts out there, but just a word of advice, please know where to draw the line on what to post and what not to, because you never know, your boss might be browsing your profile!

This is self-explanatory, one word for her - DUMB!


And this call centre staff who was not genuinely sick, absent himself from work and updated his Facebook profile, reflecting the fact.

The full exchange:
HR: Please provide a medical certificate stating a valid reason for your sick leave on Thursday 21st2008.

Kyle: “1 day leave absences do not require a medical certificate as stated in my contract, provided I have stated that I am on leave for medical reasons.”

HR: Usually that is the case, as per your contract. However please note that leave during these occasions is only granted for genuine medical reasons. You line manager has determined that your leave was not due to medical reasons and as such we cannot grant leave on this occasion.

Kyle: My leave was due to medical reasons, so you cannot deny leave based on a line manager’s discretion, with no proof, please process leave as requested.

HR:I believe the proof that you are after is below (a screen grab of the Facebook page is attached to the email)

(Credits: http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

11 August 2009


Somehow, I feel that God is telling me something.

He showed me (his signs) not once or twice, but through four (pretty random) people!

1. Jacob
2. Grace
3. Johnny
4. And now Marco!


05 August 2009

House Party @ Jennefer's Place

My previous bunch of staffs organized a get together in Jen's place the other day. It was a great time because we have not gathered as a group for a while now. Too bad Pau and Pat are in Philippines, and could not join us, and Ronald had a function to attend to.

We did a pot luck so each of us had a bring an item to Jen's place.

Albert brought Indian Rojak.
I kept attacking the potatoes and the fish cake as usual. LOL.

Jen and Noel called for Pizza. Initially we wanted to call for Pizza Hut, but guess what, they could not deliver to our area due to overwhelming response. GOSH! We ordered Canadian Pizza instead.

Jen's Mac Book ready. This serves 2 purposes.
1. Great Music.
2. We were supposed to do a webcam session with Pauline and Pat via Skype, but their internet connection in Philippines cocked up the whole plan. In the end, we did not even manage to see them online. SIGH.

Canadian Chicken Wings, I would have preferred the Pizza Hut Drumlets.

Turkey Ham Pizza

Meat Lovers

Joanna overslept and came really late, but she came with delicious Chicken Wings from Ikea, she's forgiven. Keke.

My contribution for the night was this 1 Litre Absolut Vodka.
My initial plan was to buy Old Chang Kee, but because Prem was going to be rather late with his alcohol contribution, thus I just brought this vodka along before he reaches.

Haven't seen Joanne for a long time!

Jen, Joanne and Albert

Albert busy taking pictures for the girls.

Noel fixing up HIS Mac Book to enjoy his Warcraft game.
Jen and Noel are apparently very hooked onto that game.

This is the Ikea Wings I was talking about.

A group Picture

I took a video of us when we were taking a X3 shot.
Video turned out really funny.

We were bored, so we started playing a guessing game, which made up of both "Win, Lose or Draw" and "Charades"

This is one of the 9 videos which was recorded for the Charade Game.
Some really funny ones!

To watch the other videos, pls go to

Losers drink up.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game though it may just be a simple game.
I guess what they say is true, it doesn't matter where you are, its the company that is important.
In our case, we had great company!

Prem finally arrives, with his alcohol.
We were anticipating either Whiskey or Martell, but Prem ended up bringing Martini.
I really don't know what Prem was thinking.

Continue with our games....

Chips, by Joanne.

When we finished the guessing game, we proceeded to our next game, the all time favourite drinking game of many - Truth or Dare.
In our case, there was no dare, just truth.

We ended the night at around 4am, because we were all tired.
The drinks were just nice, not too much, so no one was tipsy or anything.

Prem sent me and Albert back since he stays in Punggol.

Prem has upgraded from a bike to a car since he joined RBS, I am really happy for him, at least I know all my ex-staffs are doing very well.