14 August 2009

Facebook makes (DUMB) people lose their jobs!

You may be one of those Facebook addicts out there, but just a word of advice, please know where to draw the line on what to post and what not to, because you never know, your boss might be browsing your profile!

This is self-explanatory, one word for her - DUMB!


And this call centre staff who was not genuinely sick, absent himself from work and updated his Facebook profile, reflecting the fact.

The full exchange:
HR: Please provide a medical certificate stating a valid reason for your sick leave on Thursday 21st2008.

Kyle: “1 day leave absences do not require a medical certificate as stated in my contract, provided I have stated that I am on leave for medical reasons.”

HR: Usually that is the case, as per your contract. However please note that leave during these occasions is only granted for genuine medical reasons. You line manager has determined that your leave was not due to medical reasons and as such we cannot grant leave on this occasion.

Kyle: My leave was due to medical reasons, so you cannot deny leave based on a line manager’s discretion, with no proof, please process leave as requested.

HR:I believe the proof that you are after is below (a screen grab of the Facebook page is attached to the email)

(Credits: http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

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