30 July 2009

Coasta Sands Pasir Ris Chalet (Part 2 of 2)

Started Day 2 with MONOPOLY! Yup, I won the game. :P

Childhood card games. Do you recognise some?

Wallace and Esther.

Just outside our unit, they were doing some confidence course.
Looks really fun.

This sauce is prepared by Esther, its super NICE!

Esther is the main chef for the entire chalet

Chilli Padi!


While we were preparing food, I had my phone to provide great music!

Q staring at his phone


Lonely Wallace. Poor thing.

Crab, didn't get to eat this... :(

Esther, Jay, Steven and one of their friends.

Steven's girlfriend BBQ-ing for him.

Baobei's mini birthday celebration.

Whats birthday without sabo?

Swensens ice-cream cake, delicious!

This boy is Baobei's nephew. Really adorable.

Some of them played mahjong, while some of us slept.

This is my first chalet with a mature group, and its still fun.

All in all, we (as in shared among all of us) spent 4-figure for this whole chalet, inclusive of accomodation, food and alcohol.

Its my most expensive chalet EVER!

But also my most delicious BBQ ever, so no regrets!

28 July 2009

Coasta Sands Pasir Ris Chalet (Part 1 of 2)

Had a chalet over the weekend with Esther, Jay and gang.

Very well prepared and nicely stocked up for the BBQ for 2 nights!

Let Q do the job.

Group pic.

Esther's son, Wallace.

Sambal for the Stingray and Sotong.


Teriyaki Sauce


Taiwan Sausage and Cheese Hotdog

Chicken with Green Bell Pepper and Bacon with Asparagus


Chicken Mid Wings

See the spread...


Lee Kum Kee's Char Siew Sauce

BBQ-ed Bacon and Asparagus, this one was DELICIOUS! Never tasted anything so nice in a BBQ before. LOL!

Look at this. Nicely done, also great!

Our chicken wings were heavily marinated, before BBQ-ing and during BBQ-ing.
Guaranteed SEDAP!

The expert BBQ-er.

The expert EATERS!

The expert DRINKER!

Wallace, bored to death because no one talked to him.
Hai, a child in an adult chalet, of course lah!

Lonely Wallace eating his Cheese Hotdog.

Sambal Sotong

Sambal Stingray

Ladies cook, while....

.... guys just catch up and wait for food.

Chocolate Buttons, for our chocolate fondue later.

This is how its done:

Its not snowing in Pasir Ris, its the ashes from the charcoal!

Nicely done Buttered Corn.

Fruits for the fondue.


Heineken... its all beer and wine since they are not hard liquor drinkers.
Poor me...

Enjoying the fondue.

Dried up as we left it on the BBQ pit.

End of Day 1.