23 July 2009

Lunch at Imperial Herbal Restaurant

Had lunch with sis at Imperial Herbal Restaurant at Vivocity. My second visit to the restaurant.

Previous visit: HERE

Appetiser - delicious!

Stir fried boxthorn vegetable with chinese wolfberries - delicious!

Fragrant spicy chicken - mediocre

Crab meat fried rice - average

Spring onion pancake - delicious
I went back to the restaurant partly for this!

Bill: $88.05
I would definitely visit again because I think the food there is pretty good, and I like the ambience. Service is also good, as they are generally quite attentive to our needs both times we were there.
To read about my last visit: Lunch at Imperial Herbal & Sinchi Tcafe

After lunch at Imperial, sis and I went to Daiso, there is always something for me to buy in Daiso.
Hmm, if everything works out well, I might be able to visit the REAL DAISO STORE in Japan soon!

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