31 August 2008

Technorati Issues

I cannot "ping" my blog on Technorati anymore, can someone please tell me what I should do? Previously whenever I ping my blog, it will show that I have pinged by blog successfully. However, for the past 2 weeks, everytime after i click on "Ping" on the "Manage my blog" section, it would still show "Last Ping: 13 days ago".

I have sent an issue report to Technorati, but have yet to get a reply from them.

Someone pls give me advise.

30 August 2008

Singapore VS Malaysia Government

Received this from an email this morning. Thought its really interesting....

This table shows the education qualifications of the cabinet ministers of Singapore and Malaysia.

Don't even need to elaborate, enlarge the able and see for yourself!

*(Pls email me if I need to credit you, thanks)

28 August 2008

Password Rejected!

Serene, this is for you. LMAO. Hope this cheers you up!


A female secretary was helping her boss set his email and asked him what word he would like to use as his password.

Wanting to embarass her, the boss said "Penis".

She entered the password as per his instructions and almost died laughing at the computer's prompt.




24 August 2008

Differences between girls aged 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58 and 68

What is the differences between girls aged:8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68?

At 8 - You take her to bed and tell her a story.
At 18 - You tell her a story and take her to bed.
At 28 - You don't need to tell her a story to take her to bed.
At 38 - She tells you a story and takes you to bed.
At 48 - You tell her a story to avoid going to bed.
At 58 - You stay in bed to avoid her story.
At 68 - If you take her to bed, that would be a story!

OMG, this is so true!

(Credits: Laikaopeh)

Thank You Xing Ying

It was Xing Ying's last day with my company.

Xing Ying has been a great help assisting me with administrative work while my Team Lead was away on maternity leave. She is meticulous in her work and is a very fast learner.

The team will miss her, wish her luck in her future endeavours.

We went for lunch with her at Far East Square

We had our lunch in Marquee. I love the food here and since we have not dined here for a long time now, i suggested to them we eat there. They serve very nice (but expensive) Nasi Padang and Western Food.

This is my Nasi Padang. I like their generous serving of sambal belachan. And they top your rice with fish keropok, which makes the meal even more tasty.

A group pictre. That was also the day JSP guys were transferred over, so I took the opportunity to ask Yvvone and Joyce to join us for lunch to get to know them better.

About 15 of us went for lunch that day.

Suraya is finally back for work after her long 2.5 months of maternity leave. And I am so relieved because I will then be able to focus more on my C1 team. I feel like an octopus nowadays because my work load is getting heavier. Not that its a bad thing, but I hope I will be able to cope. And plus my school, I am really feeling streeeeetched!

Oh God, pls give me strength...

23 August 2008

Lunch at Imperial Herbal & Sinchi Tcafe

Met Serene for lunch at Imperial Herbal and Sinchi Tcafe at Vivocity. Before we decided on this place, we were spoilt for choices and stared at the list of restaurants at the information counter for a good 5 mins. Finally, we made up our minds to try the food here.

Very bright, good ambience, they have mandarin pop piano pieces playing in the background which makes dining even more relaxing

The restaurant is very spacious, tables are far apart from one another and its good for diners who want privacy

Nice "traditional chinese medicine" corner

The chairs here are very unique. Very comfy. And can you tell what the shape of the chair is?

Here is another view of the chair

We started our meal with this "compulsory" pickle dish

Condiments were readily served once we were seated

This is Serene's choice of coup. Some beef tendon soup. Its yummy, like beef noodle soup, but thicker.

This is my soup. The eight treasures soup. So so only.

This is very delicious. The Spring Onion Pancake. A Must try!

GuoTie or dumpling. Nicely pan fried. Fragrant crispy skin. Good!

This is the Cold Salted Duck. A tad too salty. A little too cold. Not recommended.

Seafood fried rice. Prawn is not fresh, but rice is nicely fried, very fragrant.

Serving Portion: Medium

Presentation: Good

Taste: Good

Quality: Prawn not too fresh. Food mostly served hot. Condiments are generously portioned.

Ambience: Very Good, soothing music in the background

Crowd: Families and couples

Service: Good, the captain who took our our order told us we ordered too many dishes and explained that certain dish that we ordered were in big portions. Honest.

Value for Money: Yes

Overall: Good. We walked out satisfied. I would recommend this to my friends.

17 August 2008

I look like Maggie Cheung

I look like Maggie Cheung? Should I laugh or cry?

Its so funny...............

16 August 2008

OSIM iLife

I recently bought 2 big ticket items. One is my Prada bag which cost me $1,400, the other is the OSIM iLife ($620), which to me is my best "investment" so far.

The other day, Jiada accompanied me to Best Denki Orchard to shop for my air purifier. I have always wanted to buy myself an air purifier because I feel that the air in my room is rather bad. I grew up having Sinus problem, but have since recovered when I was in my early twenties. However, since the beginning of this year, I have been struggling with Sinus every single night and morning, and I often wake up in the morning tired due to lack of sleep because I will be blowing my nose thoughout the entire night or have difficulty breathing due to my blocked nose. Of course my Insomnia problem isn't making things any better for me either.

I knew there was a problem. The problem cannot be my bed sheet because I change my bed sheet once every week, so the culprit was obviously something else.

I went online and did an extensive research on Sinus, and also consulted several doctors, they all narrowed down the possibility, the air is unclean.

I then immediately told myself I wanted to stop this once and for all, and that was when I made my trip down to Best Denki for a look at their extensive range of Air Purifiers.

At first I was recommended by the sales consultant to buy the Honeywell purifier which cost around $600, and we all know Honeywell is the leader in the area of air, but their designs aren't really attractive enough, thus when I laid my eyes on the OSIM iLife, I knew immediately that was the one I need.

The OSIM iLife is an Air Purifier and Ioniser and it does more than cleaning the air.

Air goes through a 5 step purification process ensuring even the most tiny air particles are cleansed, before they are released back into the air, for breathing. The OSIM iLife also has a Deodoriser which removes foul smell, etc. Initally I was a little apprehensive about the deodoriser, whether it will really deliver what it claims.

After using iLife for more than 1 month now, I can guarantee that foul smell no longer exists in my room. There used to be this "stale" smell in my room, but now I am guaranteed of fresh clean odourless air whenever I on my OSIM iLife.

The OSIM iLife also comes with a remote controller for me to control the fan speed, on/off the ioniser or change the timer settings.

The OSIM iLife is sleek in design and it does not take up much of a space and it can be conveniently positioned in a corner without having to shift your furniture just to make space for it.

Negative Ions are released from this louvre to neutralise the air, and negative ions are known to be nature's most powerful cleansing agent.

Lastly, this UV funtion, combines with the UV catalytic filter will remove bacteria and viruses in the air, thus completing the entire air purification process.

After one month of using the OSIM iLife, I can now proudly say my Sinus problem has improved and I no longer have to tolerate blocked or running nose in the middle of the night.

If you are thinking of getting an air cleaner, do consider getting the OSIM iLife!

14 August 2008

Is Li Jiawei our only hope?


Singapore has beat South Korea in the Semi Finals and will be up against China in the Finals!


Li Jiawei: Currenly ranked 4th in the world.

Li Jiawei and team (Singapore women's Table Tennis team is ranked 2nd in the world after China) stands a very good chance to deliver Singapore's first Olympics medal after 48 years. They have beat the US and Nigeria 3-o in both the matches for the women's category. The men's team also did a good job, trashing Canada in their opening match.

Will Li Jiawei bring glory to Singapore, after her "flag sweeping" incident last Friday? I believe if she scores a medal for Singapore, netizens will forgive her for her "insenstive act", which was blown out of proportion. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just do a Google with the following words "Li Jiawei sweep Singapore flag Olympics", you should be able to get quite a handful of results.

I have always been a great fan of Li Jiawei, and though she has always been labelled as "imported" talent, but she is afterall groomed by Singapore, and we as Singaporeans should give her our fullest support.

I mean Singapore "bought" her over in 1995 because they saw a potential in her, and all is history now because she is currently the number 6 in the women's table tennis world ranking. She finished 4th in the Athens Game in 2004.

Li Jiawei is our only hope for this Olympics and I wish her the best in her upcoming matches.

If you have missed the matches, these are the results:

USA: Wang Yuegu/Li Jiawei (SIN) beat Gao Jun/Huang Xi (US) 11-5, 11-9, 11-7
Ngeria: Li Jiawei (SIN) bt Offiong Cecilia Otu (NIG) 11-7, 11-7, 11-6
Nigeria: Wang Yuegu/Li Jiawei (SIN) bt Oshonaike Funke/Offiong Cecilia Otu (NIG) 13-15, 11-5, 11-5, 11-5

Catch Li Jiawei and team in their Finals against China!!!

13 August 2008

One of the longest word in the world!


This is the name of a village and community on the island of Anglesey in Wales. Which means to say that this is actually the name of a village in United Kingdom!

Learnt something new today?

Well, if you do not believe me, here is what I did when I first saw this word: Check it with Wikipedia!


11 August 2008

Now you can look like a Korean Star

Now anyone can look like Korean Stars. If you have always yearned to go to Korea for that coveted plastic surgery, here is the good news.

Dr Kim Byung Gun, who counts Korean actresses, singers, politicians and two Miss Koreas as his clients, plans to set up a clinic in Singapore.

He is not unfamiliar with Singapore clients, because back in Korea, he sees an average of 30 Singaporeans a month, that is almost one per day!

Dr Kim is a renowned plastic surgeon in Korea, and apparently many Singaporeans flock there to get a cut under his knife because Dr Kim's charges are a tad lower than the plastic surgeons in Singapore. For example, a nose job here would cost SGD$5,100, but Dr Kim charges only SGD$4,000. Thus a $6,000 would bring you to Korea, get your nose done, pay for your accomodation and get a holiday at the same time.

Dr Kim who runs a few plastic surgery clinics in Korea and China owns BK Dongyang Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, which has 16 surgeons, and their annual turnover is more than US$30 million (S$42 million) a year.

Currently, Dr Kim is in the midst of applying for a Singapore medical licence, and hopes to open his clinic here in Singapore by next year.

I hope his licence gets approved, because that would mean more choices in the future when it comes to "looking good". It seems more and more doctors are setting up their clinics in Singapore because we are getting more and more advanced in the area of medical infrastructure.

Thinking of getting a nose or double eyelid job? If you can hold, wait till Dr Kim opens his clinic here next year!

(Information from various internet sources)


I don't know whether I should say this is funny or DISGUSTING! I think the latter!

And seriously, what is he doing with the keyboard when all the keys he play are not in tune with what he is singing?

10 August 2008

Semi Fine Dining at Wild Rocket (Hang Out @ Mount Emily)

Long overdue post (for a long overdue dinner):

Our client brought about 15 of us out for a dinner to reward the team for their great effort in the month of June, which was long overdue. Well, I was kind of extra but since I was invited too, I happily tagged along for the dinner after work, on a Wednesday.

We were invited to "Wild Rocket" located at Mount Sophia Road. Its located within the backpackers budget hotel, Hang Out @ Mount Emily.

Its a pretty nicely refurbished budget hotel, with the concept of several backpackers sharing a room, if you have a tight budget. You have a choice of 2/4/8 beds in a room, the more beds in a room, the cheaper your room rates.

Then again, who likes to sleep with strangers in the same "dorm", fearing your valuables will go missing when you wake up the next morning? I wonder does this concept really appeal to backpackers....

Wild Rocket is a Semi Fine Dining restaurant opened by young restauranteur Willin Low, who also owns couple of other restaurants. Willin currently co-hosts "Instant Chef" together with Chen Hanwei on Channel U.

The ambience of the restaurant is great. Dim lights. Nice setting. We had the luxury of their semi private seating area where we are slightly off sight from the main dining area.

When we got there, the tables have already been set nicely for us, with our seats allocated prior to us arriving.

This is my seat

Beautifully designed walls surround us

Half the group

Do you spot me?

We arrived at the restaurant at 7.30pm but we started eating at 8.30pm due to some "unforseen circumstance", or rather some punctuality issues!

Didn't manage to take the pictures of all the food as it wasn't very appropriate for me to whip out my camera all the time. Only managed to take a couple of pictures.

This is Beef Cappacio

Salmon Cappacio

Seared Ribeye with Rocket and Crusty Sweet Potatoes (I don't see any rocket though)

I also had the super awful Prawn Bisque, so-so Linguine Aglio Olio with Kaffir Leaves and Tiger Prawns. And for my dessert, I had the really delicious Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau with Flambe Banana.

Serving Portion: Small

Presentation: Good

Taste: Average

Quality: Prawn not too fresh. Food served cold most of the time, restaurant should make sure food is hot before its served!

Ambience: Good

Crowd: YPE (Young Professional Executives)

Service: Good, waiters are quite attentive to our needs. They also went the extra mile to buy halal food from another halal restaurant to cater to my Malay colleague, applaude them for that!

Value for Money: Yes

Overall: Average, could be better

For those who have heard of Wild Rocket and have yet to pay them a visit, I would say the food there is worth trying, at least once.

08 August 2008


Its 080808 today, NOW!

Anyway so happy.....

Company declared next Monday as an off day in replacement for National Day falling on Saturday!


07 August 2008

Xiaxue's radio interview about Dawn

Finally I found that radio interview of Xiaxue with Rozz of 98.7FM! She talks about her "lawsuit" and Dawn!

Xiaxue is so fun, I really like her....

Here is a quote from the interview,"She can make me bankrupt, but she cannot take away my dignity!"

(Video obtained from Xiaxue.blogspot.com)

David Archuleta's debut single, CRUSH!

David Archuleta's debut single, CRUSH!

Enjoy this soothing melodious pop number . . . (Lyrics below)

David Archuleta Lyrics
Crush Lyrics

06 August 2008

Singapore athletes are well rewarded!

Ever wondered how much Singapore athletes are rewarded with, each time they score a medal for Singapore in major games?

The Singapore National Olympic Council has an incentive plan to reward medal winners in the Olympic, Commonwealth, SEA and Asian Games. This incentive plan is termed the Multi-Million Dollar Award.

Here is their monetary rewards:

Which means to say athletes like Li Jiawei and Ronald Susilo are multi-millionaires? Considering all the gold medals they have won for Singapore!!!
Why didn't my parents groom me to be a sportsman when I was young? . . . . . .

04 August 2008

Most tasty breads in Singapore

The other day, while I was shopping at Vivocity, I passed by a shop, and this shop caught my attention. It has a wide variety of delicious looking bread. The breads on display are so aesthetically pleasing, I was tempted to grab a few and munch them while watching my favourite TV programs.

The breads are one of a kind. They look even more delicious than Bread Talk..... Just my own opinion, no offence to Bread Talk though....

These are some of the varieties:

Tuna and Cheese

Ham, Cheese and Bacon Sugar Butterpillar

Sugar Croissant

Curry Chicken Bun

Some of their specialties

Breads are individually wrapped for hygiene reasons

Aren't they just appetising?

Almond Ring

Don't you just want to put these into your mouth?

Well, this is the name of the shop:


All of the above were made up by me except for the name of the shop.

These are not breads. These are:

1. Wrist-rest to be used with your mouse pad
2. Stress "ball" or Stress Bread to squeeze off your stress
3. For you to keep looking while you diet

You can get your own Breadou at all Action City outlets in Singapore.

Sorry if I made you hungry....