08 August 2008


Its 080808 today, NOW!

Anyway so happy.....

Company declared next Monday as an off day in replacement for National Day falling on Saturday!


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JunJun-Riko said...

happy that u're happy. ^^
btw, i linked u a long time ago..

Serene said...

Cool! My company also not bad.. give us off in lieu (OIL) but we can choose to clear it within 3 months.

BLue said...

I'm happy when you're able to drop by my page. Maybe a drink/minor blog gathering when I settle in Singapore next month?

Marc, 27 said...

junjun: thanks.

serene: thats good to hear. Some of my friends don't even get off-in-lieu.

blue: sure thing man, when you are in Singapore, just give me a nudge!