10 August 2008

Semi Fine Dining at Wild Rocket (Hang Out @ Mount Emily)

Long overdue post (for a long overdue dinner):

Our client brought about 15 of us out for a dinner to reward the team for their great effort in the month of June, which was long overdue. Well, I was kind of extra but since I was invited too, I happily tagged along for the dinner after work, on a Wednesday.

We were invited to "Wild Rocket" located at Mount Sophia Road. Its located within the backpackers budget hotel, Hang Out @ Mount Emily.

Its a pretty nicely refurbished budget hotel, with the concept of several backpackers sharing a room, if you have a tight budget. You have a choice of 2/4/8 beds in a room, the more beds in a room, the cheaper your room rates.

Then again, who likes to sleep with strangers in the same "dorm", fearing your valuables will go missing when you wake up the next morning? I wonder does this concept really appeal to backpackers....

Wild Rocket is a Semi Fine Dining restaurant opened by young restauranteur Willin Low, who also owns couple of other restaurants. Willin currently co-hosts "Instant Chef" together with Chen Hanwei on Channel U.

The ambience of the restaurant is great. Dim lights. Nice setting. We had the luxury of their semi private seating area where we are slightly off sight from the main dining area.

When we got there, the tables have already been set nicely for us, with our seats allocated prior to us arriving.

This is my seat

Beautifully designed walls surround us

Half the group

Do you spot me?

We arrived at the restaurant at 7.30pm but we started eating at 8.30pm due to some "unforseen circumstance", or rather some punctuality issues!

Didn't manage to take the pictures of all the food as it wasn't very appropriate for me to whip out my camera all the time. Only managed to take a couple of pictures.

This is Beef Cappacio

Salmon Cappacio

Seared Ribeye with Rocket and Crusty Sweet Potatoes (I don't see any rocket though)

I also had the super awful Prawn Bisque, so-so Linguine Aglio Olio with Kaffir Leaves and Tiger Prawns. And for my dessert, I had the really delicious Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau with Flambe Banana.

Serving Portion: Small

Presentation: Good

Taste: Average

Quality: Prawn not too fresh. Food served cold most of the time, restaurant should make sure food is hot before its served!

Ambience: Good

Crowd: YPE (Young Professional Executives)

Service: Good, waiters are quite attentive to our needs. They also went the extra mile to buy halal food from another halal restaurant to cater to my Malay colleague, applaude them for that!

Value for Money: Yes

Overall: Average, could be better

For those who have heard of Wild Rocket and have yet to pay them a visit, I would say the food there is worth trying, at least once.

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