11 August 2008

Now you can look like a Korean Star

Now anyone can look like Korean Stars. If you have always yearned to go to Korea for that coveted plastic surgery, here is the good news.

Dr Kim Byung Gun, who counts Korean actresses, singers, politicians and two Miss Koreas as his clients, plans to set up a clinic in Singapore.

He is not unfamiliar with Singapore clients, because back in Korea, he sees an average of 30 Singaporeans a month, that is almost one per day!

Dr Kim is a renowned plastic surgeon in Korea, and apparently many Singaporeans flock there to get a cut under his knife because Dr Kim's charges are a tad lower than the plastic surgeons in Singapore. For example, a nose job here would cost SGD$5,100, but Dr Kim charges only SGD$4,000. Thus a $6,000 would bring you to Korea, get your nose done, pay for your accomodation and get a holiday at the same time.

Dr Kim who runs a few plastic surgery clinics in Korea and China owns BK Dongyang Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, which has 16 surgeons, and their annual turnover is more than US$30 million (S$42 million) a year.

Currently, Dr Kim is in the midst of applying for a Singapore medical licence, and hopes to open his clinic here in Singapore by next year.

I hope his licence gets approved, because that would mean more choices in the future when it comes to "looking good". It seems more and more doctors are setting up their clinics in Singapore because we are getting more and more advanced in the area of medical infrastructure.

Thinking of getting a nose or double eyelid job? If you can hold, wait till Dr Kim opens his clinic here next year!

(Information from various internet sources)

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kenwooi said...

Hey there! Nice information about being able to turn ourselves into a Korean star! Too bad I'm not in Singapore and I'm still studying haha. Can't afford to do that and I think I'm fine with my own features, albeit not as attractive as those Koreans.

Anyway, it's informative and I love reading it!

I've linked you in my blog list! Keep in touch! I'll drop by often to read more interesting news! =)

Take care!

JunJun-Riko said...

ei marc.. y u intro my plastic surgeon in ur blog? later everyone in malaysia go sg to go under his knife, then everyone will look like me leh. tat time how to get bf sumore? all malaysian gals will look pretty. and at a cheaper price sumore. unfair u know? i went to korea, then now they only need to go sg. unfair!!!

Mockingbird said...

it takes guts for someone to go under the knife to alter one's looks.

Josephine said...

First time here.
Wow! I like your A-Z bloggers....
I have never seen such a long blogroll.

Marc, 27 said...

Junjun, are you serious or are you kidding?

Good information must be shared with all my readers ma.

Anyway, u look good with or without plastic surgery ok....

JunJun-Riko said...

im so sad...
i left u a comment...
n guess what? u reply it to bbpiglet..
u knot recognise jun jun meh??
y u go her page n left msg in cbox regarding my msg? XD

kenwooi said...

Haha, junjun jealous.

p/s: marc, in case you missed it. i've linked you. =)

JunJun-Riko said...

hahahaha.... jokin la marc... XD no plastic involved. XD

pr1mero said...

The cheaper the better. Of course I wouldn't get plastic surgery anytime soon, but it's good to know that we have more alternatives than Xiaxue's Dr Martin Huang. Freakishly exciting. May more Singaporeans be plastic in the near future!

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

share a good a news.. i am getting married soon! :D

Marc, 27 said...

kenwooi: thanks for visiting my blog regularly, and pls continue to do that.

mockingbird, yes it does take a lot of guts, and I wonder will I have the guts if I ever want to fo under the knife.

josephine: thanks for your first time visit then.

kenwooi: I have linked you back.

Junjun: thats good, anyway u really look good.

pr1mero: thanks for the info on Xiaxue's plastic surgeon, I already forgot its Martin Huang untill you reminded again.

terence: congratulations!!!!!