28 August 2008

Password Rejected!

Serene, this is for you. LMAO. Hope this cheers you up!


A female secretary was helping her boss set his email and asked him what word he would like to use as his password.

Wanting to embarass her, the boss said "Penis".

She entered the password as per his instructions and almost died laughing at the computer's prompt.




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Serene said...

haha... i have seen the pictorial version one before.. and it's damn funny.. i can relate! i can relate!

Tks for cracking me up!

Serene said...

this was wat i have seen


but i love ya version coz it's so close to my heart! lol

Marc, 27 said...

Serene, I am glad you can relate and it cheered you up. haha.

Serene said...

btw georgi is famous!



pr1mero said...

Oh my gosh! *faints*

kenwooi said...

nice one! XD

Marc, 27 said...

serene, that one is fun.

pr1mero, I know.

kenwooi, thanks!