24 August 2008

Thank You Xing Ying

It was Xing Ying's last day with my company.

Xing Ying has been a great help assisting me with administrative work while my Team Lead was away on maternity leave. She is meticulous in her work and is a very fast learner.

The team will miss her, wish her luck in her future endeavours.

We went for lunch with her at Far East Square

We had our lunch in Marquee. I love the food here and since we have not dined here for a long time now, i suggested to them we eat there. They serve very nice (but expensive) Nasi Padang and Western Food.

This is my Nasi Padang. I like their generous serving of sambal belachan. And they top your rice with fish keropok, which makes the meal even more tasty.

A group pictre. That was also the day JSP guys were transferred over, so I took the opportunity to ask Yvvone and Joyce to join us for lunch to get to know them better.

About 15 of us went for lunch that day.

Suraya is finally back for work after her long 2.5 months of maternity leave. And I am so relieved because I will then be able to focus more on my C1 team. I feel like an octopus nowadays because my work load is getting heavier. Not that its a bad thing, but I hope I will be able to cope. And plus my school, I am really feeling streeeeetched!

Oh God, pls give me strength...

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