16 August 2008

OSIM iLife

I recently bought 2 big ticket items. One is my Prada bag which cost me $1,400, the other is the OSIM iLife ($620), which to me is my best "investment" so far.

The other day, Jiada accompanied me to Best Denki Orchard to shop for my air purifier. I have always wanted to buy myself an air purifier because I feel that the air in my room is rather bad. I grew up having Sinus problem, but have since recovered when I was in my early twenties. However, since the beginning of this year, I have been struggling with Sinus every single night and morning, and I often wake up in the morning tired due to lack of sleep because I will be blowing my nose thoughout the entire night or have difficulty breathing due to my blocked nose. Of course my Insomnia problem isn't making things any better for me either.

I knew there was a problem. The problem cannot be my bed sheet because I change my bed sheet once every week, so the culprit was obviously something else.

I went online and did an extensive research on Sinus, and also consulted several doctors, they all narrowed down the possibility, the air is unclean.

I then immediately told myself I wanted to stop this once and for all, and that was when I made my trip down to Best Denki for a look at their extensive range of Air Purifiers.

At first I was recommended by the sales consultant to buy the Honeywell purifier which cost around $600, and we all know Honeywell is the leader in the area of air, but their designs aren't really attractive enough, thus when I laid my eyes on the OSIM iLife, I knew immediately that was the one I need.

The OSIM iLife is an Air Purifier and Ioniser and it does more than cleaning the air.

Air goes through a 5 step purification process ensuring even the most tiny air particles are cleansed, before they are released back into the air, for breathing. The OSIM iLife also has a Deodoriser which removes foul smell, etc. Initally I was a little apprehensive about the deodoriser, whether it will really deliver what it claims.

After using iLife for more than 1 month now, I can guarantee that foul smell no longer exists in my room. There used to be this "stale" smell in my room, but now I am guaranteed of fresh clean odourless air whenever I on my OSIM iLife.

The OSIM iLife also comes with a remote controller for me to control the fan speed, on/off the ioniser or change the timer settings.

The OSIM iLife is sleek in design and it does not take up much of a space and it can be conveniently positioned in a corner without having to shift your furniture just to make space for it.

Negative Ions are released from this louvre to neutralise the air, and negative ions are known to be nature's most powerful cleansing agent.

Lastly, this UV funtion, combines with the UV catalytic filter will remove bacteria and viruses in the air, thus completing the entire air purification process.

After one month of using the OSIM iLife, I can now proudly say my Sinus problem has improved and I no longer have to tolerate blocked or running nose in the middle of the night.

If you are thinking of getting an air cleaner, do consider getting the OSIM iLife!

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alicia said...

thanks for dropping by!yea i've cooled down aready.:)

btw,i always pass by yr blog,i like yr posts.:)

Marc, 27 said...

alicia: thanks for liking my posts.

Serene said...

Glad it improved our sinus problem :)

Marc, 27 said...

serene: thanks man. its been affecting my sleep, and I hope i can sleep better moving forward.

Mockingbird said...

You're rich pal. You're able to plonk down S$2,020 on just 2 items :)

Marc, 27 said...

mockingbird: i m not rich, I am just pampering myself for working hard.

tks said...

How much are the replacement filters and how often do you have to change them? Usually, these things are very expensive.

Marc, 27 said...

tks, the first filter is washable. The other filters have to be replaced only once-twice a year depending on usage, I have alreaday considered this aspect before buying.

But Hepa filters are good, thus it will definitely be a little expensive. Since its only once or twice a year, i don't think its that bad afterall...

Anonymous said...

Have you considered other brand before buying from Osim?

Marc, 27 said...

anonymous, yes, I have considered Hpneywell before I bought OSIM iLife. However I chose OSIM over Honeywell because of the design and size. Honeywell's design is very old fashion and its extremely bulky, thus I chose OSIM, its sleek and modern.

Anonymous said...

Hi... May I ask if we have to close both our bedroom door and windows before we turn on the purifier...

pardon my silly query :P


Marc said...

Anonymous, for better results, it is better to close the windows and door, so the air is contained within. Can u imagine while the purifier is purifying the air, dirty air comes into the room at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the speedy reply. :)

Now that you have used it for almost a year, are you still satisfied with the product?

I'm in the midst of shopping for a purifier and I am torned between honeywell and osim.

Marc said...

Anonymous, you are welcomed.

I seriously think it is a good product, although there is really no way to prove that the air is really cleaner. However, whenever I open and check the filter, it has a lot of dirty particles being trapped in it.

Honeywell is still a well trusted brand, but i guess the only thing I don't like about Honeywell is that it is bulky and not sleek in design. Honeywell was one of the brands I considered too, before I settled for Osim iLife.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc, how's your sinus after using OSIM iLife for over a year now? I am looking at Amway's Atmosphere which is using the same technology but very much more expensive than OSIM so is now thinking of getting OSIM as Amway is more than double the price of OSIM.

Marc said...

Hi Anonymous, I now only have very mild sinus, no longer what I used to suffer from the the past. However, I would like to reiterate that I cannot guarantee that my sinus is healed/recovered because of iLife. It might be due to the medicine which my doctor gave which was for clearing nasal congestion.

One thing to note though. After having used it for several years now, I realise the iLife is deteoriating in it's quality of cleaning the air. Thus, if u r looking for a long term product, you might still want to look for a more trusted brand of air cleaner, just so it can last you longer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marc

How does the quality deteoriating? Cos I am considering to buy Ilife as my gals also having sinus problem.


Marc said...

Hi Anonymous, I think it does. Although I have no concrete proof to say that the quality now and when I first started is different, my sub conscious is telling me it does not purify as effectively as when I first bought it.

There is probably a reason why Honeywell is the market leader in their range of Purifiers, though they are more bulky and less appealing in appearance.

I would say that iLife probably can last you a good two years. Afterwhich, one should consider buying a brand new one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc, do you know where I can buy replacement Hepa filters for the Osim iLife?
How do you know it's time to change it?

Marc said...

Hi all, I would like to answer some of the recent questions posted.

1. The quality does deteoriate over time, because I can sense that the air quality has dropped after two years, even with change of the filter.

2. I have bought another air purifier to supplement the Osim iLife after 3 years.

3. You are right, Honeywell is probably better since they have been the market leader for some time, the only con is that it is huge.

4. I change the filter once every 6-9months. There is no indication of when to change, but I guess when there is a substantial layer of dirt around the surface of the filter, you should consider changing it. It can be bought at all and only Osim outlets.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would appreciate if someone can tell me how to change the open iLife to change the filter. Checked with the store but they they do not seem to know...many thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Do you know if you can turn off the light? I would like to put this in my bedroom but the light will keep me awake at night.
Thanks in advance,

Marc said...

U can just click the button to open.

U cannot turn off the light. The only time the light goes off is when the filter is dirty.