30 April 2008

No Pig, Chicken Also Can . . .

On the day when Pauline was going back to Philiipines, Albert, Ernest and I spent quality time with her, as we won't get to see her for 1 month.

After work I brought them to my favourite Pig Organ Soup stall. This place serves the best Pig Organ Soup, in my opinion, and they have the best chilli around! I usually order the meat balls and lean meat mixed.

Full of anticipation, I brought them to Piggy Porky. We took a cab and alighted at Sago St, and to our greatest surprise, the store was closed for that day!

They were closed only for that day as they are open 7 days
a week. So were we "lucky" or "unlucky"?

Since we did not manage to eat Piggy Porky, I brought them
to the nearby Chicken Rice Shop. Ok, let me make it clear. This
shop is definitely not in my "TOP 5 List of Best Chicken Rice in
Singapore". The chilli is so-so, the service is really not that good.
Chicken is not as tender as I like it to be, and they over-charge.

So I do not recommend this Chicken Rice at all.

After the chicken rice, we slowly made our way to the Official
Opening of the Singapore Flyer. While waiting for a cab outside
Swissotel, l recorded a video. I think its quite silly, but just for fun.

After the Fireworks, we were kind of bored so i suggested we
go for coffee at the Esplanade. Then I suddenly had craving for
Haagan Daz Fondue. I remember the last time I had the Fondue
was like many years ago when I was still in CH, so I just had
to satisfy my craving.

The is the very delicious Fondue. Very generous serving of fruits,
ice-cream balls and biscuits.

Its is enough for 4 person.

Delectable selection

Delicious Milk Chocolate!

Bananas,Stawberries and green apples

Love letter and chocolate cookies

My all time favourite, the Ice-cream balls!!!

We were enjoying ourselves dipping our fruits and balls in the Fondue, chatting and laughing away, when we realised it was time for Pauline to go as her flight was midnight the same day.

Well, one month is not exactly long but it definitely not short. We are going to miss the banter with her, the friday nights out with her, singing ktv, laughing, looking at people, bitching, etc....

Till then, Pauline, we will miss you. Come back soon!

NS Camp Mates Reunion

Met my NSF camp mates last Saturday, after 5 long years. Since we ORDed, we went separate ways and were too busy with our own lives, we had no time to keep in touch.

That day Ken sms me saying that he was going to organize a gathering for the S1 branch buddies, I jumped with excitement. Although I was not a full-fledged S1 branch staff, but I also spent a good 1 year with them, together with Jacob.

I really miss my army life, I had no worries, no headaches, no pressure, just so pure, innocent and fun.

During my short tenure in S1 branch, I had a few really close buddies, drinking buddies in fact. Jacob, Ken and Qianghe? I guess thats it. The rest of them were just colleagues so we do not really talk that much ba.

I wonder where is Chief and Shanti now....

Anyway, we met up in this pub call Dungeon along Club Street and proceeded to Dragonfly thereafter, it was a great night out! We parted around 3-4am.

Looking forward to another great night out with them. In fact tomorrow I might be meeting Ken and Alysson for dinner, cannot wait to catch up again...

Me, Don, Ken, Alysson, Melvin's gf and Melvin

Me and Alysson

29 April 2008

Evil Spammers!

Following up to my previous post on the email I received that I got US$800,000. I am showing you guys the screenshot of my Yahoo! Mail account. This is what i received just this morning after I have cleared everything yesterday!

There is one repeated sender: Mrs Anna Marthin. The funny thing is I have moved her previous mails to SPAM but her mails still get directed to my Inbox. Can someone enlighten me how does Yahoo work?

I thought after you move a sender to Spam, future mails are supposed to be directed straight to Junk mail? In this case, Mrs Anna Marthin seems to have found a loophole, and her FINAL NOTIFICATION seems to be always FINAL!

I heard from a friend that if your email address has a "underscore/_" just before the @, spammers are unlikely to send spam mails to you.

For example:

I wonder is this true because if this is really true, I am considering setting up a new email account with that tip in mind.

Anyone else knows of a better method to ward of evil spammers?

28 April 2008

I won US$800,000!

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of emails, saying I have struck lottery, even though I have not participated in any. Most of the emails I receive on a DAILY BASIS are from Americans, as they always claim to be from The Bank of America, or Standard Chartered. I am seriously thinking why isn't these banks doing anything to trace these con-men, and imprison them so they can stop cheating / attempt to cheat people.

Well, usually when I receive such emails, I will delete them immediately, but I would like to share with everyone one such email I received and I thought the person is really smart / dumb.

Take a look!

From: Geraci, Patricia (GeraciP@upmc.edu)


I am Mr. Divad White , i have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirmable Bank Draft of $800.000.00 United States Dollars, but I did not hear from you since that time. Then I went and deposited the Draft with FEDEX COURIER SERVICE, WestAfrica, I Travelled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not come back till end of July.

What you have to do now is to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date. For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country.

The only money you will send to the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE to deliveryour Draft direct to your postal Address in your country is($150.00US)Dollars only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far.

Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except$150.00US Dollars. I would have paid that but they said no because theydon't know when you will contact them and in case of Dumorrage. You have to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of your Draft with this information bellow;

PLEASE REPLY TO:Mr. Mike Aderson
DIRECT EMAIL: fedexcourierdeliveryservice001@hotmail.com

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your Postal address() and Direct telephone number to them again to avoid any mistake.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr.David White.

Seriously, they really think we Asians / Singaporeans are stupid or what?

1. The name of the email and the sender does not tally. The email belongs to Geraci Patricia but the greeting came from David White?

2. I won US$800,000 without doing anything?

3. I have to pay US$150 for Security Keeping Fee? WTF is that?

4. Fedex being such a huge MNC provided such a low class email address for correspondence? fedexcourierdeliveryservice001@hotmail.com

David White (if he exists) actually attempted to make his email sincere by saying "Do not pay anything else other than the US$150 fee". Indirectly, he is trying to gain my trust?

I receive such emails in tens on a daily basis especially on Yahoo Mail. Why is Yahoo not able to filter such mails as Spams?

Regardless of the fact that I delete these emails every hour, everyday, and also mark them as spams, these mails just keep coming non-stop.

Don't these people have better things to do?

Argh . . .

27 April 2008

Singapore Flyer on FIRE!

Not literally though . . .

Its just the official opening of the Singapore Flyer 1 week back. I was there to witness this spectacular event. And I took some pictures to capture the beautiful fireworks display.

Enjoy these pics

26 April 2008

NS Camp Mates Renuion after 5 years / Upcoming week

Tonight I will be meeting up with my NS camp mates for drinks. This is the first time after 5 years we are meeting because we have all kind of lost contact with one another. I have spent a good 1 year with this bunch of guys when I was transferred to S1 branch to help out when they were shorthanded. I was previously from S2 (survey team) branch.

Looking forward to see people like Jacob, Albert, Qianghe, Ken, Don, Su..... haha.... so many!

I want to see how much they have changed over the last 5 years! Especially Jacob! And plus Jacob and I were really pretty close last time as we had the same preference for a lot of things!

Before meeting them, I will be going for Yun's birthday treat! She is treating us to crab meal at the famous Still Road stall. Well, actually this birthday idea was suggested by me. I initially suggested Roland Restaurant to her as they have, in my opinion, the best Chilli crab in Singapore. But due to popular requests from others like Uncle Pat and Joshua, she has decided to do it in Still Road instead.

Well, its always good to try new stalls. Who knows, in future i will not always recommend Roland anymore, if the Still Road crab is really "super good", as many of my friends have claimed. There are really many good crab stalls in Singapore man. Melben in AMK. Jumbo in Clark Quay. Long Beach. Roland. No Signboard......

Next week will be really busy week for me. Back to back things to learn and do.

Monday will be sitting down with Paul to learn certain new skills and get a better idea of the new projects.
Tuesday will be busy in preparation for my recruitment in JB.
Wednesday going up to JB whole day for recruitment.
Thursday is holiday. Going up to KL early in the morning.
Friday will be in KL till Sunday.

And Paul told me I will be going with him to Philippines to do auditing of the PH team around the first or second week of May. I really hope this time it will come to past as I have always wanted to go and take a look at our office there.

New things are coming up for me. I am nervous, yet full of anticipation. I can't reveal it here but just wish me luck and strength ya?

Have a great weekend everyone . . .

25 April 2008

Gay discrimination again!

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) has slapped Mediacorp, Singapore's only broadcaster with a hefty fine of $15,000. This is after Mediacorp breached one of the media policies of Singapore.

On Jan 13, acquired home and decor show "Find and Design" featuring a gay couple was screened all over Singapore island on Channel 5, at 7.30pm. This, according to the MDA, is a breach of the media policy that programs are not supposed to "promote, justify or glamorise gay lifestyle". That episode featured the gay couple having their adopted baby nursery being transformed.

This is only the 2nd time Mediacorp has been fined for media content issues.

The first time was when Mediacorp featured Chu Meifeng in 2002, with regards to her controversial sex scandal, on Prime time news on Channel 8.

Singapore is such a conservative society, with narrow minded governors.

I feel there is nothing wrong with that episode of Find and Design, and I do not think they were "promoting, justifying or glamorising" gay lifestyle? They were just re-designing their baby's nursery, for goodness sake!

Its not as if they were making out on TV?

Its 2008!

And when a society progresses as a whole, shouldn't their minds also progress?

What do you think?

23 April 2008

Proven method to get you NANGED to the top!

I have been studying the trend in Nuffnang Innit for the past 2 days, and being a very data-oriented person, I finally realised something today which I would like to share with everyone, especially Nuffnangers, more so if you are a member of Innit.

What gets you nangs? See below for the answer!

Below is the list of the TOP 10 most nanged posts of all time.
(Data retrieved as of 22 April 2008 @ 8.45pm. As you are reading this post, the posts below are getting more nangs already.)

(1st) 125 - No one visits your blog? -> Blogging

(2nd) 104 - Why so cocky? nuffnang ad band 22 so what? -> Blogging

(3rd) 86 - 15yrs old girl had sex for 300 times.. -> Sex
(4th - 10th)
71 - What I hate about certain bloggers -> Blogging
69 - I HATE THAT BLOGGER!! -> Blogging
68 - Copycat blogger prowling for content - BEWARE!!! -> Blogging
65 - Link Your Blog To The MILLION BLOG LIST For More Readers!!! -> Blogging
63 - The "Beauty" of Dawn Yang -> Blogger
62 - Tips to increase blog traffic (My own tips la) -> Blogging
60 - Complaining about the Pajama Party! -> Nuffnang (Blogging)

Tada . . .

So, what do you see in common among the TOP 10 Innit posts?

Out of 10, 8 are about BLOGGING!
1 is about SEX, and the last one is somewhat related to BLOGGING too, becuz its about Nuffnang Pajama Party . . .

This just proves one thing, when you BLOG about something related to BLOGGING, and you INNIT it on NUFFNANG, INNIT members will start to NANG you to check out your posts about BLOGGING-related issues like how to increase traffic, how to get more nangs, or some Blog-fights.


Still not convinced?

I am . . . because today's post by blogger yinhao is the best example. He posted "Why so cocky? nuffnang ad band 22 so what?" just yesterday, and his post has been nanged to the 2nd place already. I am even saying that he will be on the top spot by tomorrow.

Why? Because everyone IS curious about this band 22 blogger and WANTS to learn from whoever he is . . .

So after reading this, the next time you want to write a post, do write about something related to blogging ok?

That is why I wrote this post!!!
And see, you nanged me? Have you?

(pls leave your comments)

22 April 2008

Thank God its not Stefanie Sun again!

I have totally nothing against Stefanie Sun, but it was speculated for many months that she was selected again to sing this years National Day Song, for the 3rd time!!!

Thank God these speculations have finally come to an end as the NDP Ex-Co has announced yesterday that this year Joi Chua would be singing the National Day Song instead.

Apparently when speculations were rising as to who will be singing this year, many netizens have voiced their concerns that they would not like to see Stefanie Sun sing again as "there are definitely many other talented local singers like A-do, JJ and Sun Ho".

Lianhe Wanbao and online web portal OMY have confirmed that Joi has taken over the role from Stefanie due to the many angry petitions Singaporeans have sent to the organisers.

I am glad that Joi finally has an opportunity to sing in this year's NDP as I have always admired her cystal clear and strong, yet gentle vocals. I believe this would be another milestone for Joi's career.

Reports have also mentioned that Sun Ho and JJ were also in the list of considered artistes to sing for this year's parade. However Sun is currently busy jet-setting between Beijing and Los Angeles. It seems Sun is the official music ambassador for the Beijing Olympics 2008, and she will not be in Singapore during the National Day Parade. Sun currently resides in the States.

As for JJ, he is also currently busy with other projects in China and could not be contacted for comments.

I am so looking forward to this year's NDP song. I must say the song that most Singaporeans can still strike a chord now would be "Home" sung by Kit Chan in 1998. That is defnitely my top among all National Day songs so far.

Before the 2008 NDP song is out on TV screens, enjoy "Home" . . .

20 April 2008

Another moronic blogger!

***Update 3

That moron has probably received my email and has no face to face the blogging world, she has blocked people from entering her blog. Now her blog is "ONLY FOR INVITED USERS". Its as if her blog is so popular. Anyway its only her few miserable friends who are probably reading her blog. WHY?

1. She has bad English
2. She thinks she is pretty
3. She posts ugly pictures of herself all over her blog
4. She acts cute
5. She cannot spell for nuts
6. She has horrible vocabulary
7. Her whole blog is grammatically wrong
8. No one can post on her Cbox since she banned the most common IP address
9. Her posts are always about herself
10. She sucks

She has messed with the wrong person!

***Update 2

She is slapping her own face now.

Her bf left me a tag on my Cbox telling me certain things. Then when I was in CBox deleting his message, I saw something which made me laugh! Her bf has the same IP address 165.21.155. I have already told her that this particular IP address is very common, now she is slapping her own stupid face because her own bf has that IP.

Poor bf, probably now he is banned from sending messages on her own Cbox.

This is call jumping to conclusions without finding out the facts!

Serve her right!

[By e way i was gracious enough to send them both an email (the bf left his email and she has her email address in her blog) with the attachment to prove I was not lying.]

***Update 1

Due to popular requests, these are her ugly photos:

She claimed in her blog that some crew from a cinema offended her becuz she looked so damm young and the crew did not allow her into a NC16 show, and that she wrote over 10 letters to the cinema management and the girl was sacked within the same freaking day.

Can u believe that? OMG, sounds inhumane. And she even added that when she heard the news of the girl being sacked, she celebrated with pizzas with her bf?

Two things I cannot believe here. First, she can get a staff sacked with her letters.
Second, she has a bf? OMG.

And you know what she threatened me on my tagboard? She asked me to give her my full name, company name and title, and she could get me sacked too.

I seriously think this THING has got mental problem and she needs help immediately.

Woodbridge, pls save IT!

The last one is funny. She said "I don't offer sex, so dun ask for sexual services." Seriously, she thinks the whole world is blind or she is the only female animal left? Who would do that. LMAO.


Some bloggers have no brains or what?

They do not know that the cyber world is full of people doing stupid things?

One blogger call ahjoycie left a tag in my Cbox saying this "If you have any problem with me, come straight to me. Need not scold my parents like this. So what about you bastard?"

I was shocked because I remember we have tagged each other friendly messages a few times and she is calling me a bastard?!?!

So i clicked on her URL and took a look at her latest blog post. To my greatest surprise, she wrote a post about me?!?!
Some of the things she wrote:
- I am hiding behind the screen
- I love high-peaks
- Use various computers in my company to spam her
- I am a computer noob
- Freaking nerdy hair
- Trying so hard to spike my hair
- No fashion sense
- I log in to all the computers in my company to increase my traffic

- I am going around impersonating her
- My face looks a few cents to her
- I am a dumb thief

FUNNY but none of the above are true... haha

(She even went to the extend of pasting my photos on her blog, My, I think she is secretly adoring me. . . )

I seriously think she needs an English teacher, because there are so many grammatical mistakes in her blog, it is so difficult to understand her even though she is talking about me! And also because her vocab is so limited, I keep seeing her revolve around one point with like 2-3 paragraphs.

Ahjoycie, pls use your pea brains to think before you talk and scold me on your blog! Call me bastard? You bitch!

I do not have the time for YOU! Yes you heard it right! I have better things to do and if you realise, we do not know each other?!?! Moron?

And if you have been reading enough blogs, you would have realise by now that such things do happen because there are cyber idiots out there who prey on unsuspecting victims to sow discord between bloggers?

Before you start leaving your "you-think-you-are-damm-smart-analysis" on your blog about IP addresses, let me tell u something. The one I just left for you IS MY IP ADDRESS, you moron. And I am not so stupid as you claim that I go around changing PCs at work just to spam or scold you!!! OMG Ahjoycie, u think too highly of yourself!!!

Get a life and gimme a break! Will you....

In fact, I know YOU are reading this post, because YOU are laughing away because you have just succeeded again in your stupid act which I have already realised since Marie's misunderstanding!

Ahjoycie, up to u to believe, I do not owe u an explanation! Because its not

Traffic is high today, all thanks to that thing!

Have you nanged me?

My Irish name is Alistair Burke

My Irish Name Is...

Alistair Burke

18 April 2008

I lost my luggage, and found it on sale on Ebay!

That was what many people claimed when they lost their luggage at the Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 at London.

Thousands of luggage have been lost in the airport and they have not been found.

What happened to their luggage?

Some travellers have lodged complaints that they saw their items being auctioned off on Ebay few days later after the incident happened. Items like scarves, belts, shirts, and even shoes. Other than selling on Ebay, these nasty ones actually placed the items on auction in an auction house in South London called Greasbys.

I find this totally unethical because some passsengers were left totally stranded with all of their belongings "gone" when they arrived at the airport, some there for a hoilday or honeymoon.

Apparently, these luggage were not lost intentionally, but due to the baggage system that was in place in the new terminal. But the syndicate that found the luggage bank in on the monetary gains, and started selling off these victim's valued items in flea markets, auction houses, and auction websites.

If I were the victim, i think I would be super pissed because it seems the airport is not actively doing something about these lost luggage.
Among the list of lost items were Prada bags, Gucci shoes, LV belts, etc.

Supermodels Kate moss and Naomi Campbell were among victims who lost their luggage. According to news agencies, Kate lost 8 pieces of her Louis Vuitton Luggage which contained prototypes for her fashion range, as well as for fashion giant Topshop.

She also lost a birthday present from one of her friends which cost SGD$27,000!!!

British Airways has offered her compensation of $27,000, but Kate is asking for $54,000.

But what about her 8 LV luggages? Isn't the airport or BA going to compensate her? OMG. I cannot believe if its me, cuz I am going to go ballistic! LV, not Samsonite!

I hope Heathrow Airport will start looking into their baggage system, otherwise I think this would bring great impact to the visitors to London!

I am paranoid about checking my luggage in after reading about this incident!!!

17 April 2008


"You will not go far in life!"

Someone said to me in










. . . . . .

15 April 2008

I got $750, what about you?

I received a letter from CPF yesterday. I will be receiving $750 in total for GST Credits over 3 instalments.

April - $250

July - $250

Oct - $250


How much did you get? Share with me!

Fashion Disaster!

Today while walking to NEL from the East Bound train, a lady in her late twenties caught my attention . . .

Not that she is gorgeous, BUT . . .
Heres what she wore:

Green dress

Pink Belt

White Shoes

Gold Watch

Red Bag

OMG . . . Fashion Disaster!!! I was tempted to whip my camera out to take that awful sight, but i didn't want to get into trouble with control, so I withheld.

Fashion Police, pls catch her!

13 April 2008

Don't let the government catch you!

For those who are bored


Play the Mas Selamat PacMat Game.

The objective of the game is to run away from the government as you are Mas Selamat!

12 April 2008

Some Rights Reserved!

Its official, I have signed up with Creative Commons and now my blog is protected under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. What sparked me to do this? Well, its after the incident with the copycat blogger.

Click here to see my rights:
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

According to this license, now anyone who copies, distributes or transmits my work, MUST attribute this work to Marc's Macrocosm (with link).

Office decoration / Interns last day / Friday night out

Recently redecorated the call floor to make the place more exciting. As the current theme for my team is BINGO, we have BINGO-mised the entire call floor.

Colourful BINGO balls are placed all over the ceiling

Disco BINGO, one of the concepts. This disco ball is handmade!

Trying to glamourise the BINGO words with lights

BINGO balls placed on every corner of cubicle

Life-sized BINGO card

Life-sized BINGO machine

Close up of the BINGO balls

Friday was the last day of my 4 wonderful interns Ming, Jackson, Muhdy and Zai. They were with us for 2 full months, and I am glad they have improved a lot in all aspects of their work. We handed out the certificate of appreciation to the best intern in our department and he is none other than Liang Ming.

Ming is a very dedicated worker and has a very good attitude towards colleagues as well as superiors. He is well-liked because he is always willing to lend his hand to help in anything we require him to. Overall I think this batch of interns are ok, and I am lucky the ones allocated to my team are really the cream of the crop.

I guess they also brought something back with them and that is invaluable work experience and communication skills, which is the key to their job.

Some pics of the interns:

This is Ze Peng

We did a simple farewell for the intens with a delicious
Banana Chocolate cake from Royal

This is Ming

This is Jackson, also a very hardworking intern.
If there is a most improved intern award, it would be him.


He actually gave me a Thank You card and I really feel appreciated.
Sometimes little actions like this really make my day!

After work, we went to Lu for KTV then to Double O.
Jennefer and Pauline posing again



Make a guess what is this?

After 1 and a quarter of Chivas, we made out way to Dbl O. Actually after the unpleasant incident that time, I kind of boycott the place already. However, i decided to give them another chance and I think it was great!

We got really quite buzzed because throughout the night, we drank a mixture of alcohol. From Chivas to Bacardi and then to beer.

This time surprisingly we did not stay til the end because we were all tired and we left around 2am in the morning.

Great night out!